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When She Is Not Giving You Sex, Avoid These Mistakes.

My Guys, I understand sometimes when you are in live sex, it can be really, really painful experience. You love her.
You don’t understand why she is not willing to give you some and it can be a bone of serious contention in a relationship, especially if she’s a woman who already did give you and suddenly has decided to abstain,Or maybe you met a lady who just has refused to give you sex from the very beginning.
And it’s almost a deal breaker for you and you’re really contemplating whether you want to be in that relationship with her or not.

Well, this article hopefully is going to be throwing some light on a few things. And I’m hoping that after reading , you will  be able to make some very important decisions for yourself. And for this lady that you seem to care a lot about.

1.Ceasing To Be Generous: So let’s say you were really forthcoming where she was concerned, you would do whatever she wanted.
You were really positive person where she was concerned. You were at her beck and call just because you really loved her loved her company. And suddenly, when she decided not to give you sex anymore, you turned cold.
You just wouldn’t be available to her anymore and that kind of thing. straightaway, the communication that comes her way is the only reason this guy was really giving me all the attention all the love and being there for me was eventually to try to get into my pants.
And because I said no, he is not trying to do that anymore, or he’s not willing to do all the things that he wanted to do for me anymore.
Now, of course, that’s a red flag for her and straightaway tells her that you would never genuine, you are never for real, And if you were a guy that she was even going to consider from the beginning you she will never take you seriously to start with and so certainly if a woman refuses to give you sex be it’s a woman who refused from the start or started giving you sex and then at some point decided to pull a brace.

I don’t think the next thing you have to do is to try and like squeeze so to speak in a sense of not being so nice. Not being so accommodating or so generous anymore, because that straightaway sends a very wrong signal.
I don’t believe that you should be doing the things you do because you expect sex in return. Love should mean more than that love is deeper than that.
And it should reflect in your thoughts in the way you engage with women and the way you speak to them into in the way you interact with them.

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And if you keep that in mind, you will go very far away women are concerned before we want to give sex to you or before a woman will give her body two years she needs to be able to trust you. She needs to be sure that you will not just take her and run.
You know, there are not that many women who can just keep up themselves and not feel emotionally, physically psychologically attached to you and so you need to consider and take all these things into consideration When you are dealing with women.

2.Talking To Other People About It:
I know sometimes you can be in so much pain somewhere you could feel so much betrayal. Sometimes you just might be downright confused and we want to reach out to a friend or two or just to your group of boys and just like have a conversation and find out whether it’s something that they’re going through as well.

resist that temptation. resist that urge because see, not all friends are really friends for starters, you know there’s some guys who may go behind your back and say all sorts of things to her want to even try their own hands, trying to get her to do things that they want her to do. It can get complicated it can get nasty I think depending on the level of your relationship.

If it really bothers you that much and if it really is a problem, then you might want to seek you know, professional advice, professional help instead. professional opinion always carries a lot more weight. It’s coming from an informed position and comes with a little more experience where those matters are concerned.

And I feel like if you pay more attention to that you’re more likely to have some pretty solid advice, sound advice as well, that you can use and possibly approach the situation better come back with a better solution that will benefit both of you and something that will keep the relationship intact as well`as opposed to her hearing that you’ve told your friends about it. And getting really really upset because maybe one friend couldn’t keep the mouth closed. There’s that too.

3:Not keeping An Open Mind:
Sometimes you know all men here is no, I’m not going to give you sex but what they’re not also hearing is no I can’t give you sex because of reason A reason B reason C and reason D and sometimes these reasons that the woman may have may be very, very genuine and it could be religious it could be moral and both of these for instance reasons could carry a lot of weight. What people believe in is a very difficult thing to shake, you know, especially when it comes to nose coming from a point of religion.


You know, getting hard to go against her beliefs can be a very tough one. But when it’s coming from morals, it’s also another very tough one to shake. You should look more into the future think more, you know deeper into the future where I’m saying, if you are dating a woman who is not willing to just give up the cookie to anyone.
You can trust that this woman will still stay faithful to you if she is faced with another similar situation in the future. When you guys are together, you know for sure that she’s never going to give herself to just anybody because she’s faced with a temptation and those days will come.

Those temptations will come you understand? So, sometimes, I think a deeper look a little further, you know, into situations and it’s the things that people say, and you wouldn’t take it so personally. So these are just a few things I’d like you to consider think about. And keep in mind.

Few Pointers To What You Can Do About It, Instead Of Making These Mistakes Real Quick.

1:Find Out What Exactly The Issue Is.
have an open conversation with her to find out what exactly the issue is trying to re understand her instead of throwing a tantrum and saying, if you love me, you’ll do this.
If you love me, you’ll do that. Trying to really sit her down and understand where she’s coming from the reason why she no longer wants to do it or she doesn’t want to give it up at all from the beginning will give you some insights will give you some perspective will allow you to empathize with her, and when women feel heard, it’s a really good thing because they feel like okay, this guy understands me he’s willing to listen.
He really wants to make this work. our relationship means a lot to him, As opposed to it’s all about him. He’s being selfish. She just wants sex and he wouldn’t be hear me or listen to me my opinion doesn’t matter.

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2: let her also understand what intimacy means to you.
Intimacy has different levels. You can be intimate without having sex.
There are different things that you can do.maybe we can talk about that in a different article.
Let her understand that you need to feel that connection. And see if she she’s willing to compromise on some kind of level, even if she doesn’t want to give you like the actual thing.
Like is she willing to cuddle? Is she willing to sleep over? Is she willing to do a few things that will least will make you feel a little more loved as opposed to nothing at all because of say her religion or or whatever else is holding her back, Try and draw her in, try and reach a compromise. That’ll be a really good way to approach it.

3: you always have to take a decision to stay or to go
At that point you sort of have a good sense of where she’s at what she wants to do where this is concerned.
What measure is whether you can be in a relationship without sex or you can’t do without it.
So if you meet a woman who says look, I cannot do this. I don’t want to have sex. What does it mean? It means so no, no. It put on the back burner. seek out someone else who’s willing to go at it like rabbits, right? You really need to do some introspection at this point.
Is this the kind of woman that you want is the kind of woman that you need. Are you willing to stick it out? Is she worth it? Is she going to be worth it in the end?

And finally, when you do take that decision, stick to it. Okay, because you want to be a man of your words. If you tell her that look, I hear you. It’s not going to be easy, but I want to stick to it. I want to stay faithful to you because I believe in us right or if you also say, Look, I know the kind of person that I am. I know that I can’t stay faithful to you. I may tell you that I will but I won’t. And so because I know I can’t do this. I’m going to let you go whatever it is that you decide. stick to that plan communicated effectively. And trust me she’ll respect you for it.

So I hope this was helpful ,if it was remember to leave a comment in the comment section

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