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How To Approach A Girl When You Are Shy.

The shy guy’s guide to approaching women .

Now, whether you’re approaching a girl you don’t know or trying to keep your cool around one you like. One thing is certain: talking to a woman can be difficult, but it is not impossible. You just have to keep that in mind. Well, girls are just like anyone else; they’re human, too, and being around them might not be as frightening as you think. I mean, if you have confidence in yourself and practice some key communication skills, you will begin to relax, become more comfortable around them, and things will begin to ease up significantly. Now, this article will focus on three major topics: Gaining Confidence, Communicating Effectively, and Acting Appropriately. When you’re in her company.

Gaining Confidence

  1. Be your true self.
    Now, as much as you want the woman’s or girl’s approval, changing your personality isn’t the way to go. Even if it works in the short term, you will feel phony, and she will eventually figure out who you are. Know who you are, as well as your thoughts and feelings in life. Being genuine and self-assured attracts girls and makes you feel good about yourself. So, in order to win her over, avoid being overly generous or aggressive.So, in order to win her over, avoid being overly generous or aggressive. That is something you do not wish to do. I mean, this can come across as phony and even offensive, and I believe it’s not how you want to be perceived, but pay less attention to pleasing women or pleasing them. Accept your flaws and don’t let them detract from your success. Everyone is flawed. She, too, has flaws. There’s nothing special going on here.
  2. Clean yourself up.
    Maintaining proper hygiene is now essential for looking and feeling good. Before you go out to meet her, take a shower and put on your god run clean clothes. The last thing you want to think about when you’re around girls is how you smell. So keep your hands clean. Make certain that it is never a problem. Put some cologne around your neck and shoulders if that’s your thing. But don’t overdo it. You should use it sparingly because you don’t want to overwhelm those around you. So they start sneezing and things like that. That’s not what you’re aiming for.
  3. Dress well.
    I mean, if at all possible, go out and find some nice clothes that fit you properly. They don’t have to be expensive, but they should be well-fitting and comfortable. Apart from making you look good, clothes that you enjoy wearing make you feel more confident and allow you to focus on the girl rather than your appearance. So, try reserving ideas from those around you. For example, if you’re not particularly fashionable, keep in mind that a good outfit is one that reflects your own distinct style. Go for it, explore, and see where it takes you.
  4. Relax.
    Being tense around girls makes them textured because they wonder what’s going on with this guy, such as what he has to hide. It’s obvious that you’re not paying attention to the girl. Before approaching, take a deep breath and stay present even if you’re not speaking. Instead of fidgeting, concentrate on the girl. Stay positive and remind yourself that nothing bad will happen because, more often than not, everything will be fine. Alright,
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Communicating effectively.

  1. Maintain eye contact.
    When approaching a girl to strike up a conversation, make sure to maintain eye contact. Examine her eyes. This now demonstrates confidence. Don’t stare; simply look at her long enough to demonstrate that you’re paying attention to what she’s saying. And then turn away. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be difficult. A person may be but eye contact gets better with practice, practice it, maybe just think in the mirror, then practice with friends, and maybe even strangers engage in conversation. Asking for opinions on topics that might interest her, for example, is a great icebreaker. Stay away from contentious topics like religion, politics, and anything else that makes people uncomfortable.
  2. Listen actively.
    A girl will appreciate you truly listening to what she says and means. Put your phone down. Try to understand what she’s saying completely. Don’t interrupt; instead, show respect and interest by nodding and responding when she’s finished. No one enjoys conversing with someone who does not listen to them. So, to demonstrate your thoughtfulness, extend this common courtesy to any woman you speak with. Consider her thoughts and opinions before responding.
  3. Show genuine interest.
    To build trust between you and this woman or girl, communicate with them on a deeper level. Inquire about the girl’s interests or desires, demonstrating that you’re interested in learning about her as a person. This gives you a more confident appearance and makes a girl feel more at ease around you. As an added benefit. Maintaining the conversation is also made easier as a result of this. All you have to do is ask the questions and listen to what they have to say.
  4. Make her laugh.
    Humour is a powerful tool for being charming and charismatic. Chatting with girls will make things less awkward as you get to know each other. It also opens the door to discussing more serious issues. You don’t have to be a natural comedian, and don’t try to be one. Okay. Try to make some witty observations or recall funny stories from your past to make her laugh, ease the awkwardness, and so on, but if you’re not a funny person, please avoid the humour or you might be the only one laughing.
  5. Be honest with your intentions.
    So befriending a girl you’re interested in is a good start, but if you have feelings for her, don’t hide them; instead, work toward starting a relationship while paying attention to her. If you keep your feelings hidden, she won’t know how you feel and may feel betrayed or awkward when she eventually finds out. Alternatively, if you only want to be friends, don’t lead on a girl. Remember the tried and true somewhat cheesy adage that honesty is always the best policy. So be forthright from the start.
  6. Remember to respect her boundaries.
    Don’t force your emotions on her. If she does not reciprocate your interest. Even if she doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, she will be grateful and more likely to want to be friends with you. It’s also fine to be rejected. Not every woman will feel the same way. That is also acceptable.
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Behaving Appropriately

  1. Respect personal space.
    When you first meet a girl, a handshake is sufficient. Be at ease. Use common sense, such as not crowding up against her. Bring your face close to hers or inappropriately touch her. As you build your relationship, use your discretion as to how much physical contact is acceptable. Begin with gentle hand shoulder brushes during conversations while standing close, perhaps at parties, concerts, etc. If you want to start a relationship, make contact slowly and naturally as you go, and then try hugging and flirting. If she is fine with it.If you want to start a relationship with her, don’t be afraid to flirt with her. Remember to back off if she appears uninterested or uncomfortable. Respect a girl’s boundaries and don’t touch her if she doesn’t want it. If she feels uneasy, step back. Some men have a terrible sense of body language. Pay close attention.
  2. Exhibit good manners.
    When around girls, act with grace. Inappropriate behavior includes swearing, fighting, and making crude jokes. Short enough to make a girl avoid you. Okay, so show some respect. Excellent manners. I don’t want to believe in chivalry that holds doors open. Say please, thank you, and be polite. It does not deprive you of anything.
  3. Don’t gossip about others behind their backs.
    Not at all about her. Speaking negatively about someone who isn’t present has the same effect as an unpleasant in-person confrontation. And it can be even worse when a boy shares negative information because it makes you appear immature to this woman and causes them to view you negatively. Finally, at the end of the day. She’ll be wondering if this guy is comfortable telling me about other people in such a short period of time, because he’ll most likely be painting me black to other parties as well. So, if at all possible, avoid doing so.
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These are a few things I want to share with all the shy guys out there as a shy guy’s guide to approaching women. I hope it’s helpful if it’s shared with another shy guy out there and drop some comments below.


  1. The article seems helpful,especially the part that talked about “being honest with your intentions ,Being true to oneself,respecting boundaries and listening attentively.

    This article should be made not just for shy guys but to all guys cos most of them don’t know this.i believe it will be helpful to the teachable ones.

  2. This is really gonna go a long way in helping me.I’m a shy type despite girls do come to me.I’ll try out this steps u have shared with me now nd I’m sure it will work out

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