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Secrets You Should Never Tell Your Wife

Some people think that the apex of intimacy requires an absolute lack of boundaries, secrets, or ambiguity. Though honesty is generally a good thing in any kind of relationship, there are still some things you should never tell your wife, no matter how close you are. There are just certain aspects of your life that are best left to your partner’s imagination

Obviously every couple is unique, and different lifestyle choices bother some people more than others. Only you can decide where your comfort zone is and where the threshold for privacy is between you and your partner. With that said, however, there are a few caveats when it comes to exactly how transparent you and your significant other should be. If you’re curious to know what falls into the “do not tell” category — and why — then check out what these experts believe you should never tell your partner regardless of how close you are.

  • Avoid talking about your ex girlfriend to your wife.

This is one information men should avoid telling there wife,  women  handle such information differently and the effects on them can be very devastating
“There is no point of reminiscing with your partner about what you miss from your ex or what was better in that relationship,. After all, what will that accomplish? Maybe your ex was a better cook, planned better dates, or shared your interest in a certain hobby, but your past relationship ended for a reason, so let it go. “Time is better spent taking what you have learned and enjoyed and building on it where you can in this relationship,

  • “You’ve Put On Some Weight.
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you can tell your girlfriend this but not your wife , as a husband you should never openly tell your wife that they are fat or you don’t like there weight. help them cut there weight rather than out rightly body shaming them unless you want to destroy your wife self esteem, them avoid telling her such words.

  • Your Sexual History .

This is one other secret that a man should never tell his wife, no woman can bear the gravity of such information unless you want to totally destroy her emotionally and psychologically. she will even feel dejected and worthless if been revealed to her .

While it might sometimes come up in conversation, relationship experts say that apart from any medical concerns you might have (like whether you’re both up-to-date on STD testing, for example), discussing your sexual history with your current S.O. has pretty much zero benefits. “Number of sex partners is one that comes up over and over in couples therapy,” says David Ezell, the Clinical Director of Darien Wellness. “Don’t ask and don’t tell on this one,” he advises. “Some people love the juvenile idea of a virgin bride or groom, some really want a seasoned partner, and most land somewhere in between. But more often than not, this is a topic that should stay off-limits even if you think you can predict the results.” For more great relationship advice, here are the secret tips for building the best relationships.

  • Your family secrets that wont be important to her.   
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Unless this secrets those secrets will be in a way to help your wife, that shouldn’t be revealed to her. there are those secrets that are meant to remain in the family, not because they are dirty secrets but for the sake of peace.
if the secret are meant to remain in the family, probably because of the fact they may expose people, then you ought to be the custodian of this secrets.
if the secrets are meant to help the two of you then it will be wise to share.

  • Your Secret Single Behaviours.

Look: everyone does strange things when they’re alone; it’s totally normal. “If you indulged in some weird behaviour while you were alone, such as eating an entire cake while binge-watching bad TV in your underwear, keep that to yourself,” This information won’t be helpful to your partner in any way, so they don’t need to know about it.

  • Your Minor Relationship Doubts.

“There are times in both new and long-standing relationships when you may find yourself questioning whether you want the relationship to continue, If it’s the first time you’re having these feelings, don’t feel like you have to share them with your partner. “These initial thoughts are not helpful to share because they will create insecurity and hurt feelings, And very often, they’ll resolve on their own. “Sit with your feelings and process them on your own. Only if the feelings persist and become stronger over time should you share them with your partner.

  • Anything Negative Your Friends or Family Say About Them.
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“It is best if you don’t share the initial negative reactions that your loved ones had about your partner,” These comments can be very hurtful and hard to recover from. If you reveal them, your partner will always remember what was said and later on may use it as evidence that your family or friend never liked them from the start.

  • Account details and pin for establishing trust.

before establishing trust with your partner it can be very dangerous. There are various ways you can use in establishing trust between you and your wife so that the civil disagreement wont make you poor.
The two of you can share a savings account and even open on the amount you have but don’t share partner details of account, like the pin unless you have fully established trust between you and your wife.
especially when the relationship is still young , make sure the two of you grow and establish trust.

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