Online Education Masters

Online master’s in education degrees can help educators increase their earning potential. The degree can also help professionals launch education careers. Earning an online degree in education provides flexibility since learners can complete coursework from anywhere.

Enrollees explore teaching strategies, educational research, and leadership approaches. Many programs require field experience or practicums. Graduates can work in the classroom or school administration.

This page lists the most affordable online master’s in education degrees. Read on to learn about costs and common courses in master’s in education programs.

How Much Does an Education Degree Cost?

The cost of an online degree in education varies by school. Public, in-state schools typically charge more affordable tuition than private universities. Graduate programs cost more than bachelor’s programs.

The most affordable master’s programs charge around $300 per credit. Most master’s in education programs require at least 30 credits. This means that degree-seekers may spend at least $10,000 in tuition and fees. Students can save money by researching the most affordable options and exploring tuition discounts for distance learners.

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Additional Online Student Fees

Online learners save money by not paying for campus housing or meal plans. However, they should budget for other expenses like books and supplies. Some universities charge online learning fees or graduation fees. Online enrollees may need to buy a faster computer or upgrade their internet.

Some online programs require in-person components. Learners should budget for commuting or lodging costs. Students should check with their prospective schools about a degree’s total cost.

How Much Do Education Majors Make?

Salaries in the education field vary by professionals’ role, degree level, and location. Elementary school teachers earn a median annual salary of $60,660, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). These teachers only need a bachelor’s degree. Instructional coordinators, who need a master’s degree, earn around $67,000 annually. The BLS projects job growth for both careers between 2020 and 2030.

Courses in a Master’s in Education Program

Online master’s in education degrees build advanced instructional and leadership abilities. Enrollees study current research, explore curriculum strategies, and strengthen instructional skills. They also complete coursework in differentiation, administration, and classroom management.

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Students can often customize their degrees through specializations or electives. Some options include special education, educational leadership, and secondary education. Degree-seekers should check with their prospective schools to learn about offerings.

See below for potential courses in master’s in education online programs.

Educational Leadership

This course covers leadership theory in educational contexts. Learners study leadership principles, leadership traits, and how to administer educational programs. Assignments encourage students to develop their unique leadership philosophy and strengthen their leadership skills. The course prepares graduates for leadership responsibilities in schools. It may also include field experiences.

Curriculum and Instruction

Learners examine curriculum development and instructional strategies. Topics include theoretical approaches to curriculum building and practical applications. Coursework also covers access to instruction. Students explore assessment methods and their relationship to curriculum development. The class prepares educators for advanced roles in the classroom or instructional development.

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Instructional Strategies

Educators rely on teaching techniques to communicate information to students. This course covers effective instructional strategies and research on teaching methods. Enrollees study how students learn and evidence-based strategies. They also explore advanced instructional approaches. The course may allow learners to watch experienced educators in the classroom.

Online Education Masters


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