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An online bachelor’s degree in education is designed to prepare students for teaching roles in and outside of the classroom.

Programs are available in a variety of subjects and include both licensure and non-licensure options. Students pursuing an online bachelor’s in education benefit from being able to choose the best program for their individual needs instead of being limited to those available near them.



Online education degrees also provide flexible program formats, which allows students to balance other responsibilities while pursuing their degrees.


From working in K-12 classrooms to adult basic education programs, many people find teaching to be a rewarding career choice.

Annual salaries for public and private school teachers are fairly consistent, with median pay falling between $60,000 to $63,000 for elementary through high school teachers.


Those interested in the education field may also pursue careers in areas such as administration, education policy, public health, or fitness education. The following is a rankings list of the best online degrees in education.


Online Bachelor’s in Education with the Highest Return on Investment


The top online bachelor’s degrees in education based on return on investment have 10-year ROIs ranging from $242,100 to $488,400.

These ROIs use median alumni salary and debt one year after graduation to project what earnings might look like a decade after completing an online bachelor’s degree in education.



The national average ROI for a bachelor’s in education is $319,700; the top six online programs have ROIs above this average, making them strong choices for a bachelor’s in education.




ROI amounts are based on data reported by the U.S. Department of Education. Tuitions are manually researched in order to determine tuition amounts specific to online degrees. Read our methodology for more details.


Rank School Annual Tuition Median Starting Salary Median Debt 10-year ROI
# 1 Bellevue University $12,750 $50,465 $25,000 $488,400
# 2 University of Massachusetts – Amherst $11,700 $37,503 $25,000 $355,000
# 3 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee $24,213 $37,691 $27,500 $353,800
# 4 Oregon State University $14,310 $37,790 $29,000 $352,900
# 5 Southwestern Assemblies of God University $15,469 $36,848 $27,500 $345,100
# 6 Western Governors University $6,450 $35,584 $17,425 $344,600
# 7 Arizona State University $17,186 $33,382 $23,000 $315,000
# 8 Webster University $21,750 $33,604 $25,000 $314,800
# 9 Liberty University $13,650 $29,225 $24,574 $305,400
# 10 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater $11,130 $32,186 $22,000 $304,000
# 11 SUNY Empire State College $10,943 $32,094 $23,250 $301,500
# 12 St. Petersburg College $12,773 $33,077 $35,073 $296,800
# 13 Wilmington University $11,811 $29,995 $22,694 $280,500
# 14 Bay Path University $12,000 $28,598 $19,635 $270,000
# 15 Southern New Hampshire University Online $9,600 $27,552 $26,000 $251,300
# 16 Central Methodist University $8,060 $25,452 $16,000 $242,100

Best Bachelor’s Degrees in Education Rankings Details


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#1 Bellevue University

 Bellevue (NE)
  • 10-Year ROI$488,400
  • Median Salary$50,465
  • Annual Tuition$12,750
  • Median Debt$25,000

Bellevue University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education and an online Bachelor of Science in Adult Education. The Public Health Education degree requires 120 credits, while the Adult Education degree requires 127. In both programs, students learn core education concepts and teaching techniques, including how to develop and implement educational plans/curriculum

#2 University of Massachusetts – Amherst

 Amherst (MA)
  • 10-Year ROI$355,000
  • Median Salary$37,503
  • Annual Tuition$11,700
  • Median Debt$25,000

The online Bachelor of Arts in Children’s Learning and Development from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst (UMass – Amherst) gives students the academic knowledge and skills necessary to develop a teaching career. The school’s University Without Walls degree-completion program enables working adults with some experience to design a curriculum that meets their unique goals

#3 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

 Milwaukee (WI)
  • 10-Year ROI$353,800
  • Median Salary$37,691
  • Annual Tuition$24,213
  • Median Debt$27,500

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s online Bachelor of Science in Community Engagement & Education (CEED) program offers specialty areas of study in child care, child and family services, community-based organizations, policy and leadership, community leadership, and youth work. Students in this 120-credit program from the School of Education explore the causes and consequences

#4 Oregon State University

 Corvallis (OR)
  • 10-Year ROI$352,900
  • Median Salary$37,790
  • Annual Tuition$14,310
  • Median Debt$29,000

The Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with a pre-education concentration at Oregon State University (OSU) is an online degree program designed to prepare students to pursue teacher certification programs in elementary education. Students are required to complete 180 quarter hours (120 semester hours) in general education and interdisciplinary major coursework.

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#5 Southwestern Assemblies of God University

 Waxahachie (TX)
  • 10-Year ROI$345,100
  • Median Salary$36,848
  • Annual Tuition$15,469
  • Median Debt$27,500

The online Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) develops student proficiency in teaching pedagogy from preschool through the 6th grade. SAGU provides instruction on designing and implementing elementary-school level classwork that adheres to state certification in Texas and other states. SAGU is a religious university, and

#6 Western Governors University

 Salt Lake City (UT)
  • 10-Year ROI$344,600
  • Median Salary$35,584
  • Annual Tuition$6,450
  • Median Debt$17,425

Western Governors University (WGU) offers online Bachelor of Arts degrees in Elementary EducationSpecial Education (K-12 or mild to moderate), Special Education and Elementary Education (dual licensure program), as well as Bachelor of Science degrees in mathematics education (middle grades or secondary) and science education for middle-grade students. These degree-completion programs

#7 Arizona State University

 Tempe (AZ) (and 4 others)
  • 10-Year ROI$315,000
  • Median Salary$33,382
  • Annual Tuition$17,186
  • Median Debt$23,000

The online Bachelor of Arts in Education in Educational Studies program at Arizona State University is for students who wish to work in education administration, policy making, or similar fields of education outside of the classroom. The 120-credit program consists of 41 classes and three internships. The focus of coursework is on the social and economic factors that affect access

#8 Webster University

 St. Louis (MO)
  • 10-Year ROI$314,800
  • Median Salary$33,604
  • Annual Tuition$21,750
  • Median Debt$25,000

The online Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies from Webster University provides students with a solid understanding of classroom instruction and the principles of modern education. This degree gives participants a pathway to K12 certification, focusing on formal classrooms in addition to greater community education. The program requires 36 credit hours that count toward the

#9 Liberty University

 Lynchburg (VA)
  • 10-Year ROI$305,400
  • Median Salary$29,225
  • Annual Tuition$13,650
  • Median Debt$24,574

#10 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

 Whitewater (WI)
  • 10-Year ROI$304,000
  • Median Salary$32,186
  • Annual Tuition$11,130
  • Median Debt$22,000

The online Bachelor in Special Education from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is designed for professionals who are already working in education or with individuals with disabilities. Coursework for the 180-credit hour degree is offered in three- and eight-week sessions, and all admitted students start with a cohort in the fall semester. Students will have an opportunity

#11 SUNY Empire State College

 Saratoga Springs (NY)
  • 10-Year ROI$301,500
  • Median Salary$32,094
  • Annual Tuition$10,943
  • Median Debt$23,250

The online Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies from SUNY Empire State College provides students with the foundations needed for teaching. Instruction involves education topics, including learning theory and social responses, in addition to applications such as classroom technologies or curriculum planning. The 120-credit hour degree allows students to pursue New York teacher

#12 St. Petersburg College

 Clearwater (FL)
  • 10-Year ROI$296,800
  • Median Salary$33,077
  • Annual Tuition$12,773
  • Median Debt$35,073

The online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from St. Petersburg College provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to become licensed elementary school teachers. In addition to a degree, graduates also earn an endorsement in Reading and ESOL instruction. Graduation requires a grade of C or higher for 120-credit hours of coursework.


Online students at St.

#13 Wilmington University

 New Castle (DE)
  • 10-Year ROI$280,500
  • Median Salary$29,995
  • Annual Tuition$11,811
  • Median Debt$22,694

The online Bachelor of Science in Education Studies degree program is designed to prepare graduates for non-licensure (non-teaching) careers in education. Students tailor their instruction to meet their academic and career goals through coursework in learning theory, psychology, development, assessment, evaluation and teaching strategies. Concentrations can be chosen in early childhood

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