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What To Do When She Breaks up With You.

You thought you’d found the one, the person with whom you’d spend the rest of your life, but your relationship has ended. Breaking up with the person you love is one of the most painful things you will ever do in your life. I understand how it feels, and no matter what the reason is, there is no easy way out. To be completely honest.We all have different ways to deal with the pain of a breakup, but did you know there is one thing you can do for yourself that will not only help you heal quickly, but will make you wonder if she did the right thing and may even come running back to you? There is, and it is not uncommon for people to take to social media to vent about their heartbreak.When someone breaks up with their partner, the first thing they do is post about it on social media, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever. Some will choose to stalk their ex to the point where their ex will probably block them on social media and everywhere else.
I understand how it feels to be dumped by the person you love the most and to know that you will never be with them again.
So this article will reveal something very interesting to you.

If she just broke up with you, there are two things you must do immediately for yourself.

  1.  Activate The power Of Silence.
  2. Implement The No Contact Rule.

Now, in this article, I’ll discuss four ways that silence can benefit you after a breakup, as well as how to implement the No Contact Rule. You may be wondering why silence after a breakup is so important. So, you and your partner have decided to end your relationship. Misunderstandings, unclear feelings, hurt, and, of course, anger will occur. And it’s natural to want to work through the issues that led to the breakup. After all, the time you’ve spent loving each other is worth it. By practicing the silence and the No Contact Rule, you’re giving yourself a chance to analyze the situation objectively, but what exactly do the silence and the No Contact Rule mean. As the name implies, it means that you will cease all contact with your ex and remain silent. Even if you have your ex’s phone number memorized. Don’t call, stay quiet, and just cut off everything that has anything to do with your ex.This will give you the time you need to deal with the process of breaking up. This is the most difficult part of the process, but it is also the most important and critical for you to move on. I concur. It will not be simple. And you will have many urges to contact your ex, but you must resist them.
Time will put you to the test, but resist the urge to post anything about the breakup or do anything to attract your ex’s attention. When you’re hurt and perplexed. You are more vulnerable than you normally are. You will most likely be susceptible to actions that you will later regret. Simply pause and take a deep breath. Consider this: Is this really the path you want to take? Yes, your heart, and you still adore your ex. But begging, contacting her, or talking to her will not help your already strained relationship. Staying silent and cutting off all communication is the best way to drive your ex further away from you. I believe it could be if your ex is causing you so much pain or is attempting to push you away. Do you really want to pleading with that person to stay in your life? Stay quiet for your own good.
Listen, the best revenge you can exact is not to respond at all. Or, at the very least, keep your feelings hidden from your ex. Silence allows you to breathe. It gives you time to reflect on everything that has occurred, and it is also very effective whether you want your ex to return or if you simply want the quickest way to move on almost everyone or respond to silent treatment because it arouses curiosity and anxiety at the same time. Remember the rule that “silence is the best response to someone who does not value your worth.”

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Here are four ways that silence can benefit you after a breakup.

  1. You will have the upper hand.
    After a breakup, most people will do everything in their power to contact their ex. Some will even suggest that they remain friends while working on the relationship. I implore you. Do not subject yourself to this. Don’t give your ex the upper hand by demonstrating your desperation for their love, care, and attention. Do not attempt it. You are superior to this. After a breakup, you can help yourself move on by using the power of silence instead. Quickly. Aside from that, the No Contact Rule will give you an advantage.
  2. Silence is louder.
    Go completely silent after a breakup. No dialing while intoxicated. There are no cryptic social media posts, and WhatsApp status says there are no friends checking her for you. I’m talking about complete silence and ghosting. This will irritate your ex more than you can imagine.
  3. You will have time to think and to reflect.
    This method isn’t just meant to make your ex nervous. The only person who will benefit from this method is yourself. The power of silence after a breakup will give you time. And basically that’s all you need. Time heals wounds and it’s true my brother it will hurt for sure but you can endure that. you’re stronger than you think and if you have time, use it to reflect your clouded judgement will soon fade and you’ll be able to think use this time to reflect on your self worth. Love for oneself. It’s okay to accept that some things simply don’t work out.
  4. Tables will turn.
    Even if your partner initiated the breakup, they may not be prepared for you to give them the silent treatment following the breakup. Even if they never say it aloud, another person will undoubtedly do so at some point. They should ask themselves these questions. What is going on? Why isn’t my ex contacting me? Doesn’t my ex appreciate me? So breaking up meant nothing. When you go silent? Your ex will also have time to reflect. This will cause them to question whether you truly love them. Finally, and occasionally, your ex may begin to miss you and reconsider.
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How can you implement for No Contact Rule.

  1. Fight the temptation.
    As I’ve already stated or hinted, calling your ex is the most enticing thing you’ll face after a breakup. When your partner decides to break up with you. You want to know why, if there is a valid reason, and so on. You know, you want to talk to this person, and it appears that no matter how hard you try, you have this desire to clarify things. Remember that your ex may not see it the same way. For your ex, you’re becoming more desperate, needy, and bothersome, and this may even validate the decision to end your relationship. It is unlikely that you will be able to return.
  2. KIS
    Keep it simple, . You and your ex may need to talk in a variety of situations. It’s unavoidable if you have a child together or if you need to discuss your properties or activities. When you believe you have completed the first stage, you can resume communication with your ex, but keep things limited. You don’t want feelings for this person to return, so if your ex asks you a question, give a direct answer. Don’t start asking how they’re doing or if you can meet for lunch or coffee; it’s not that important. You’ve come a long way, so don’t give up now. waste their time
  3. Treat them just like anybody else.
    Another step in winning this war is to talk to your ex as if they were a complete stranger when you absolutely need to talk to them. There will be no friendly gestures or going out of your way. There are no special favors.
    In fact, if you do this correctly, you will eventually feel no pain in your heart. That is when you will realize that you have overcome your heartbreak and heartache.
  4. Act normal when you run into them.
    It’s a small world, and you might still live in the same neighborhood. If you run into your ex at a party, a mall event, or the grocery store. Don’t try to hide. Just have a casual conversation with them. This will demonstrate to them that you are fine without them. Finally, for some, there may be one more question that needs to be addressed. Will your ex remember you?
    Well, it depends on the situation.However, the silent treatment and the No Contact Rule increase the likelihood that your ex will begin to miss you. Memories, events, and shared, mutual friends will all begin to mean something at some point. And when you give this person the silent treatment, your ex will begin to wonder if their decision to let you go was worth it or if it was a good one. I’m referring to any events in which you attempt to win you back. You’re already in control of your emotions and the situation, and that’s enough for you to make the right decision moving forward.
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So, if you’ve been dumped, implement these strategies and you’ll always have the upper hand. Remember to comment below .

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