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Ways to know her true intentions without asking her

Usually, the first and go-to way that you can find if a girl has positive intentions towards you is to simply ask her. Meanwhile, I know that it’s not exactly easy.
So here , I’m going to be telling you ways to know her true intentions without asking her.

Ask About Her values and access her character.
Getting to know her values entails learning her principles, moral standards, and what is important to her as a woman. Being able to observing and comprehending her values will automatically reveal millions of things about her, far more than she will ever be able to reveal to you. for example, You can easily ask the questions that will require her to use her moral judgment. You will learn what her reaction would be if she faced the same problem based on her response.
Based on her true values and moral standards, you should be able to tell if this woman genuinely cares about you or not.
On the other hand, you should consider her personality. The majority of her core values will naturally influence the type of character she will portray. If she is a responsible and disciplined woman, you can trust her to be dependable; however, if she has a questionable character, she will almost certainly be deceitful and should not be trusted.

She’s attached to your material possessions
there are some women that you meet from the onset all they seems to talk about is your material possessions, such as cars, a beautiful house that you built or buy, and wristwatches, she has never even complimented you as a person, why you are the best person for her.

She begs you for money all the time to buy her unnecessary, flashy items. She is always urging you to take her out on an expensive date. My man, it’s as obvious as day that she’s only interested in your money and material possessions. She doesn’t have any good intentions for you. Run!

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Pay attention to her close friends.
Now you need to apply a little bit of tact when it comes to this , Because don’t forget that her friends loyalty is actually to her and not to you.
So find smart ways to get information’s that you want from the friends she surrounds herself with. Now if you are smart enough you can get them talking about hoe she feels about you because the most likely knows how she feels about the relationship.
Of cause bear in mind that not all friends can be trusted , there are some who will still throw dirt’s in your eye just because they are all in it and are just trying to suck you dry and get what there friend is after. All those can be a good source if information .
Also make sure you observe her friends not only ask questions about your woman, Observing her close friends and the types of personalities they exhibit will also provide you with some clues about the type of person your woman is. The company a woman keeps always reveals a lot about her. Remember the adage, “Show me your friend, and I’ll show you who you are.” Trust me if her friends are acting like gold diggers, there is a good chance that she is one as well, and they align in there thoughts and how they do things .
But largely let assume that these friends actually mean well and will tell you the truth when asked , They are good source of information about your woman .

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Her body language when she’s with you
Now you know there are lots of people who will say all sorts of nice things to you on the phone, via text so far as you’re not in their space. You feel like you have the best kind of relationship ever.
However, when they are in your presence everything else screams “I don’t want to be here, i would rather be else where”. Its important that you pay attention to these cues because from where I sit, actions speak louder than words. If she’s with you and doesn’t even want to draw closer to you or isn’t exhibiting body language that says I am open to receiving whatever I am being given. Then maybe you need to take your time and observe this girl, to be sure if she has any positive intentions for you at all.
If you’re dating and she comes to visit and she’s always interested in sitting on the other end of the couch instead of engaging with you or she’s always on her phone rather than enjoying the moment that you both share, there may be something there and if you pay a little bit of attention you will be able to hear unspoken words and that will inform your decision on how seriously to take the relationship that you’re in.
So is her body language welcoming, is her body language positive or is she exhibiting signs that just cast doubt in your mind about where she is with you on this journey? Whatever it is you’re observing, if you begin to have doubts in your mind about her true intentions then you should know that there’s something off. Something that you need to look into.


Make your intentions known
So, once you guys start dating or start getting to know each other, it important that you just jump right in as soon as ideally possible.
Do not go ahead and meet a girl for the first time at a pub and tell her, you want to make her your wife. She will never take you seriously. If you’re already in a relationship with this girl, you’re trying to build something meaningful and you guys have gone beyond dating you can always let your intentions be known to her. She’s giving you positive vibes, she seems to like you, she’s returning your calls, everything seems to be leaning more positively towards you. Then my brother, at that point make sure that you make your intentions known. Let her know that you intend to take this relationship very seriously. You’re hoping that the relationship will lead to marriage and you like to settle down in “x” number of years. If she’s up for it as well, her reaction will tell you whether she has the same kind of intentions that you have for her or at least whether she’s willing to consider your proposal. It makes things easy and less complicated. And from then you can pretty much decide on whether you want to continue with this girl or not.

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