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7 Secrets of Successful Relationships

Have you ever wondered why some relationships succeed and why others don’t, And have you ever wondered why some couple see a lot happier than others?

well the obviously know a couple of things you don’t know.
In this article i will highlight 7 secrets to successful relationship, am hoping that after reading you will be able to implement a couple of this secrets to make your own relationship better .
Problems in relationship are inevitable and we do have the choice of fixing them, Tyrin to have a happy marriage/relationship is a very difficult task and what makes it difficult is also because a lot of people tend to approach relationship like they where nothing, be that i mean they never want to walk towards making there relationships better  ,they would rather want to improve there lives, there jobs and every other aspect of there lives but not there relationship. it a common thing and there are many people out there who just don’t know how.
so there are some secrets to happy relationship.

Not just any communication but good communication.
Now communication is one of the most important things because it removes all doubt, it clears the air and leaves little to imagination.
People in successful relationship knows about speaking openly and shearing there thoughts and feelings about things that happen around them, now if you have been opportune to talk to couples who are happy and whose relationship are driving, they most likely tell you that they communicate on every single level.
Viable communication is great, Non viable is even better , some times they can even share inside jokes that no ones else will understand because they have grown to love each other. Couples must find a way to communicate regularly, openly, and directly.


This doesn’t mean waiting for an argument to tell your significant other how much he bothers you with his throwing his clothes on the floor instead of the hamper. It means telling him when you feel the need to, and to do so in a manner that is respectful but assertive.

Some times in relationship couples tends to take each other for granted, they knows that he/she will always be there so they stop making an effort, they stop laughing about the things that they used to find funny.
they become touchy and cant talk about anything without one person taking offence.
One thing about people who are really happy in there relationship is that they are able to laugh with and at each other and nobody actually takes offence.
in as much as things are difficult and life gets though, challenges keep coming your way , don’t forget to carry the humour along with you. Life stresses can have a negative impact on relationships.
It important to keep things lite and simple, been able to laugh together keeps the romance alive and genuinely happier, so humour should be a big part of your relationship.

If you approach life challenges as a couple, as we and not i, you will be able to get through life challenges easier and faster .
if you start to see your partner as part of your team, if you start to approach life challenges as a teach you go further faster, Remember working together is very vital for the progress of any team, weather managing finance, paying bills, taking care of the kids, making sure you are approaching everything from the team angle.
change your language to suit the current situation and what’s happening, from i to we from singular to plural and begin to watch your relationship become better and happier, team spirit is what exist among happy couples.

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Some times we get too busy, too wrapped up in everything that is going on around us that we forget to stop and appreciate the moment (The experiences , the little things that our partners do).
you may be surprised how far a little appreciation can go to really boost your relationship, boost your marriage , boost the life that you live.
Have you ever felt a little better because you did something for someone and they looked at you in the eye and say ‘I Appreciate You’ you can tell that its a really genuine thing .
You can never take each other for granted , everybody puts in as much as they expects out of the relationship.
There should be a good balance . And when one person goes above and beyond, Immediately, there should be something that is acknowledged and celebrated between you too.
A little show of appreciation makes some one feel special and wanted and loved.
What goes around comes around.

This is very important and it must not have to be sexual intercourse necessarily. Intimacy includes , hugging , touching , kissing , and just making this person feel they are special to you and they mean a lot to you .
Intimacy keeps relationships alive, keeps it going , keeping partners of each relationship felling like they are important and they still matter to the other party in the relationship.
you cannot skip the importance of intimacy if you are looking for a long term relationship cus it a must . You people need to spend some good quality time together .

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To be able to connect with some one on emotional level, you need to be vulnerable with them. You need to be able to spill out your hearth, tell them what your worries are, your challenges are and they are not going to betray you other people, but instead help you through the journey of life .
now couples need to be allowed to embrace there vulnerability by coming clean and talking about stuff without been judged. If you find yourself in a relationship where you been judged about the past cus of some bad history you had in the past, and it always been thrown to your face , that would straight away let your walls go up and it will be difficult for the other party or break through because suddenly trust for them is lost.
A lot of happy couples are couples who take each other for who they are , they find out and know a lot about themselves and they know exactly what to expect.
They can be vulnerable about there fears, there challenges and everything that happens to them on a regular and they know that there partner will be there to support them to get through that thing without judgment .

Insecurity can ruin a relationship. Successful relationships are secure and steady as the partners know that they can trust and rely on each other. If one is constantly on edge and insecure about the relationship’s strength or their partner’s affection towards them, then the relationship will most likely fail. Working on building trust and security is key in a healthy relationship.

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