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How To Get Over a Heartbreak.

We experience heartbreak, be it the end of a romantic relationship with an ex, your special someone cheating, the person you truly love not reciprocating your love, ending a friendship with a friend, and many more. There are many reasons you can get heartbroken, but there are also many ways to mend a broken heart.

Heartbreak and pain happen because you give love, and being in love is one of the best emotions in the world. No one commits to a relationship with the hopes of getting heartbroken. But you don’t know what the future holds. Being in love means taking the risk of being heartbroken.

There can be feelings of anger, confusion, grief, loneliness, or sadness after a heartbreak.

All you have to do is pick up yourself, keep going, stay strong, and re-learn the process of how to trust again.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get over heartbreak.

Rebuild your self-esteem
If your partner initiated the break-up, it’s perfectly normal to start picking apart your physical appearance and personality traits, questioning what’s wrong with you that would cause someone to fall out of love. Instead, reverse that thought pattern. “Focus on what you really value in yourself and what you brought to the relationship, rather than what qualities you don’t possess,” Winch advises. “Write a list and think of traits that speak to your character, emotional strengths, skillsets, abilities and any other quality that has value in a relationship.” If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas, tap your closest friends and family, who would jump at the chance to share all the reasons they feel fortunate to have you in their lives.

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Avoid social media stalking.
It might be wise to just remove your ex from your social media feed. Facebook’s “take a break” feature lets you avoid seeing their pictures, etc., without unfriending them.

Especially if you’re still confused about the breakup or pining for your lost love, social media stalking is the worst thing you can do. It just breeds speculation and suspicion and keeps you stuck in the past.

Be The Better Person and Forgive
As you try to slowly accept the break-up, try to forgive. Whether you’ve been cheated on or left hanging on a thread, be the bigger person and try to forgive.

If you’re the one at fault for the end of your relationship, forgive yourself, too. When you learn to truly forgive, the burden immediately becomes lighter. You may never forget that part of your life, but forgiveness will at least set you free from lingering anger, resentment, or guilt.

Avoid going after a rebound
Rebounds offer a quick boost that’ll make you feel sexy or worthwhile, temporarily. But once that high wears off, you may just feel guilty, “A lot of my clients express remorse after a rebound because their investment was superficial while other people put their feelings on the line,. When you make impulsive decisions, like jumping headfirst into another relationship, it means you’re trying to find a way to avoid feeling those painful emotions that come with losing someone you loved. “Acknowledge the hurt and understand that being a responsible person means dealing with it, “Be willing to go into the pain.”

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Go Out and Socialize
“Once a week, find a coffee shop or a restaurant you’ve never been to, and invite at least one friend to go with you.
That helps you break up your usual routine and get away from the places that you’d always go to with your former partner. Bonus: You’re less likely to get bowled over by painful memories and it’s also an opportunity to spend quality time with good friends you may not have seen as much while you were paired off.

Keep Yourself Busy
The next step to not overthink the situation is to keep yourself busy. After all the crying and emotional roller coaster, it’s time to get out there and spend your time wisely.

Get a gym membership, find a new hobby, take time to travel, go outdoors, do something you’re passionate about, or spend time with your family. This may sound like a cliché, but many people do this after a break-up with their ex.

Keeping yourself busy can make you feel great. Who knows? Maybe you can meet new friends or be back on track in the dating world. If you’re busy all the time, you won’t have time to think about your ex.

Love Yourself
Now that you have all the time in the world, start taking care of yourself. Self-love must be a priority. A boosted self-esteem and self-confidence will follow if you start loving yourself again.

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Take care of your health, exercise, eat healthily, and pamper yourself with relaxing massages. When you start taking care of yourself, you will feel emotionally and mentally happy. If you just recently got heartbroken and have neglected yourself as a result, it will take a toll on your mental health.

Do not allow this heartbreak to get the best of you. There are many new people you can meet who are far more wonderful.

Do Not Resort to Drinking
It’s okay to have occasional drinks or party with friends, but do not use alcohol or recreational drugs to escape your feelings. Substance abuse is never the answer. In fact, it will make things worse. It is a recipe for disaster if you’re resorting to these unhealthy habits after a break-up.

Make Someone Smile
Maybe you’re asking how making someone smile can help you get over a heartbreak. The answer is simple. If you’re having a bad day and things are not going your way, making someone smile can make you smile, too. Isn’t it the best feeling in the world when you see someone smile or laugh because of you?

This feeling of happiness is contagious. It can uplift your mood, too. Smile at a stranger, surprise a special someone, do good deeds, be kind to everybody you meet, and share happiness and positivity.

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