Minima.Global Review: Is It Legit?

Minima.Global: What is it? 

Minima is a completely decentralized information and value transfer network that enables people to exchange whatever they want, wherever they want, and whenever they want.

Minima.Global is a blockchain protocol that has been reimagined and reengineered. Minima is mobile-first, able to connect smartphones and IoT devices to form the largest, most decentralized network possible. Minima is intended for mass adoption because it is complete, scalable, quantum-secure, compact, and future-proof.

Minima’s beating heart is a new user-centric proof-of-work consensus that does not require centralized miners, unlike any other proof-of-work blockchain. Minima instead relies on the collective power of collaborating mobile phone users to provide the necessary proof of work to secure the chain.

Every network device will function as a complete node, sharing the workload. Think of Minima as an army of ants working together, as opposed to other proof-of-work blockchains, which are a few lumbering elephants. The protocol is indeed small enough that a full node can run on a mobile phone using the same amount of energy as a standard messaging app, making it more efficient and sustainable than other proof-of-work blockchain protocols or legacy network solutions.

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Minima is decentralization in its purest form, giving equal power to all users rather than a select few; it is a paradigm shift in blockchain and decentralized computing; and, while attempts have been made to create mobile hardware that supports blockchain technology, no blockchain designed for existing devices has yet to be created.

Minima is a protocol solution that can be integrated into mobile and IOT applications; each device will be an equal participant in the network, enabling a previously unseen world of decentralized mobile consensus.

It is intended to be scalable and interoperable with layer 2 technology like lightning and sidechains, and it will be capable of running native tokens on the network. Simply put, it will enable people all over the world to create, build, and access smart contracts decentralized applications and products across a wide range of use cases, including IoT, finance, utility content, and the sharing economy.

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How can I get info about Minima.Global Tokens?

This can be found at pdfs/Minima Token Economics 2022.pdf.

What should I do first?

Use the invitation code HDCFTLDF.

How many Rewards am I able to earn?

You will receive 1 x Minima reward every day. These bonuses will be credited to your account every day. As a tester, you can also earn rewards by finding bugs and participating in one of the test cycles. Please let one of the team members know in Discord if this is of interest.

What tools will I need?

To participate, you will need an Android phone, a PC, a Mac, or Linux. Minima currently does not support iPhone/iOS, but this is on the horizon.

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Is there a fee to join Minima.Global?

There is no membership fee, but you must invest to earn and withdraw funds.

How to Sign Up for Minima.Global

GO TO THE REGISTRATION PAGE; now, before clicking signuser, you must enter your full name, email address, and password.

Minima.CEO/Founder: Who is he? Global’s

The platform’s owner or founder did not review any information about the platform’s CEO for an unknown reason.

Nobody knows who owns or founded Minima.Global, but I will keep you posted if any information about the founder is discovered.

Is Minima.Global a scam or a legit website?

At the time of writing, Minima.Global had just launched as a funding platform, so we couldn’t say whether it was legitimate or not.

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