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Is a scam or legit? Determine whether is a scam or not. Welcome to our website Tradepark. In this review, learn everything you need to know about investment, whether it’s real or not. Understand everything there is to know about referral bonuses and so on. We decided to use this platform and will see how it goes. Review: Is it legit, paying, real, working, genuine, or scam to make money on

What exactly is

Metafi Yielders is an investment opportunity in which you can deposit or invest funds and begin earning a passive return through staking.
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Michael Daher, the CEO and founder of the company, is based in Perth, Western Australia.

What Are the Products of Metafi Yielders?

Although MetafiYielders does not sell retail products or services, you can become an affiliate and promote their affiliate membership. Once you become an affiliate, you can invest in the company with the assurance of a return.

How Does Make Money?

Metafi Yielders has two options for investing in the company and receiving a guaranteed return. The second method is to recruit new affiliates who will invest and earn a commission on them.

Investment Strategies

Metafi Yielders offers three investment packages with varying deposits and returns.
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  • Basic Yield Farming – Invest $100 or more and receive 1% daily for 30 days.
  • Yield Farming Pro – Invest $2500 or more and earn 3.3 percent per day for 42 days.
  • Yield Farming Executive – Invest $10,000 or more and earn 4.2 percent per day for 30 days.
You can invest in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Solana, Cardano, and others. Compensation Plan for Metafi Yielders. Metafi Yielders’ commissions are paid through a unilevel compensation plan structure. You can get paid 7 levels deep depending on your rank, which includes Yield Basic Affiliate, Yield Pro Affiliate, Yield Gold Affiliate, and Yield Diamond Affiliate.
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Yield Basic Affiliate

7 percent at Level 1 2 percent at Level 2 1 percent at Level 3

Yield Pro Affiliate

Level 1 – 7% Level 2 – 3% Level 3 – 2% Level 4 – 1%

Yield Gold Affiliate

7 percent at Level 1 Level 2 – 3% 3 percent at Level 3 1 percent at level 4 1 percent at level 5

Yield Diamond Partner

8 percent at Level 1 Level 2 – 3% 2 percent at Level 3 2 percent at level 4 1 percent at level 5 1 percent at level 6 1 percent at Level 7 There is no information on how to reach those levels.

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