Kashmine Review: Is legit or Scam?

Despite the early launch, Kashmine members have been withdrawing in large numbers. Kashmine is one of those platforms that is bursting at the scene with REAL CASH, and it is where the money is right now. If you are good at referring, then take advantage of this opportunity to earn real money before it spreads throughout Nigeria because I am telling you the truth, Kashmine has the potential to break ground and you can make huge returns either through activities or referral earnings. KASHMINE is a new earning platform that debuted on April 5, 2022. Do you know you can easily earn money for your Easter celebrations? Yes, it’s mind-blowing; seize this opportunity now, because KASHMINE is completely legitimate.

Kashmine Review: What It Is and How to Get a Coupon Code

KASHMINE longevity is not something to be concerned about, for the following reasons: KASHMINE Technology has approximately 1,000,000 (One Million Naira) dedicated to the mining system, as well as a VTU system dedicated to users. And the more users MINE, the more money the system generates for payout, implying that KASHMINE will be one of Nigeria’s best-earning systems. That is why the system is called KASHMINE, which means you can mine cash and deposit the proceeds into your bank account in seconds. Okay, enough with the compliments; let’s look at Kashmine in context, so we’ll cover these topics in this Kashmine review, is Kashmine legit? Kashmine withdrawal threshold, how to withdraw from Kashmine How to Sign Up or Register on Kashmine Is Kashmine secure? and much more Returning to the subject at hand, let’s take a look at the topics listed below.

What exactly is Kashmine?

Kashmine was released on April 5, 2022. It is a platform for earning money by doing simple tasks like mining cash, sharing sponsored posts, performing social tasks, and, of course, referring. While writing this Kashmine review, we discovered that the platform is completely stress-free and simple to use. Kashmine’s founders designed the platform to be self-explanatory for first-time users.
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Kasmine Review: Is Kashmine Safe? Let’s take a look at the next section.

Kashmine Review

Is Kashmine a genuine product? Yes, Kashmine is Legit, Kashmine does not just hand out money, they earn money from you and then pay you, here’s why: 1. First and foremost, the Kashmine mining system is funded with approximately N1,000,000 million naira. 2. Kashmine has VTU, which means members can buy data and airtime to supplement their income. 3. Additionally, member registration fees generate revenue for platforms. During our Kashmine review, we discovered that the platform promotes two ideas to the public: being the best platform for earning money and the best platform for purchasing airtime and data; you can also purchase airtime and data for resale.’s revenue source is obviously the paid membership plan, Airtime & Data VTU.

Is a legitimate website?

Yes, is legitimate. has a sustainable business structure that can generate revenue for its members indefinitely. Is a genuine website? Normally, when you hear about a platform that pays monetary rewards, this is the question that comes to mind. See some of the reasons why we believe is legitimate. has four ways to stay afloat in the Nigerian online business industry.’s revenue sources are clearly stated: 1. the paid membership plan, 2. Airtime & Data VTU, and 3. the Kashmine mining system. Moving on… To answer the question of whether is safe, we must consider it from two perspectives. Is Safe?

The first question is whether is safe to transact with, and the second is whether is a safe website to visit. So, consider these two points:

Is it safe to do business with is completely safe to use; their earning and seamless payment system has made many of their members happy.

Is it safe to visit

As of this writing, the website is secure; they have an SSL installed, which means any sensitive information entered on the website is secure.
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Sign in / Register on

The instructions for registering for are provided below; please keep in mind that the same instructions apply to signing in. 1. The first step is to click this link. 2. Sign up now 3. Continue by entering a valid email address and phone number. 4. Choose a strong password using the guidelines provided below.

Important rules about Kashmine passwords

1. Password length must be between 8 and 50 characters. 2. At least one number must be included in the password (0-9) 3. Uppercase (A-Z) and lowercase letters must be included in the password (a-z) 4. At least one special character (!@#$ percent &*?_-£.) must be included in the password. @tradepark is an example of a password. This password is more than 8 characters long, contains a special character (@), three capital letters (NET), and a number (12). You will be prompted to verify your email address; do so, and you will be able to sign into Following completion of the registration procedures, proceed to make your N1000 membership payment.

Sign in to

To access Kashmine, click the Login tab. Enter your username, email address, or phone number. Fill in the password you used previously. Log in by clicking here

How does Kashmine work, and how can I earn money on

In this section, we will look at how to earn money on and how much you can earn.

Kashmine Salary Structure

(1) Mining earns you N100 and you can only mine once per day. (2) You can also earn N100 by sharing Sponsored Posts on a daily basis. (3) You can also complete a Social Task and earn N10 by commenting on and following a page. (4) You can also earn N500 by referring, which means you can copy your unique referral link and earn when a user registers through it.
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(5) Your referral earnings can be used to purchase data or airtime. KASHMINE is designed in such a way that you will not be stressed out while trying to earn money on the platform.

Kashmine Withdrawal Procedure

The minimum withdrawal amount for activity earnings is N6000. You earn N500 for each referral and can withdraw your earnings once you reach N1000 (i.e 2 referrals). It should be noted that you do not require a referral to withdraw activities; all earning wallets are independent of one another.

Is Kashmine genuine? Kashmine review summary

To sum up this Kashmine review, we will say that Kashmine is genuine. N1000 is the registration fee and N500 is the referral bonus.

Withdrawal limit

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of Kashmine:

What I appreciate about (Prons)

The first thing I like about Kashmine is that you can share your referral link with someone who wants to register without purchasing a code (but before that user earns, he must contact a vendor for a code). If you are an affiliate, you will not lose your referral earnings. Only those in the referral business will comprehend. I like how took the time to organize the platform well with various features. I also like that they offer a money-back guarantee. Because Flutterwave handles the payout, it is instant.

What I despise about Kashmine (Cons)

What’s not to love about Kashmine? Everything is fine (You can drop yours if you feel otherwise). Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

That’s all we have for the review, whether it’s legit or a scam; if you’ve read these Kashmine reviews, you’re one of the smart earners on this platform. Please leave a comment and help us share this with your friends so they can learn how to earn on and withdraw on Thank you for taking the time to read this Legit or Scam Review.

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