Reviews review – legit or scam?

Investing in and profiting from cryptocurrency is relatively simple these days, and how would you like to earn $52 worth of Tron (600 TRX) simply by signing up on

So, in this review article, I will go over everything you need to know about, including whether it is a legit or scam platform, how it works, and how to make money on it, so stay tuned and read until the end.

What exactly is is a cryptocurrency cloud mining platform that allows users to trade, earn, and invest in Tron. They only trade and invest in Tron and do not accept any other cryptocurrencies.

How does work? How does make money?

Making money on this platform is simple; simply signing up on earns you $52 worth of Tron (600 TRX). There is no need to overwork yourself; all you have to do is invest and withdraw your profits on a daily basis.

The following is the basic account investment profits charge, and the investment amount can be calculated cumulatively.

  1. The basic daily cash withdrawal amount is 2.5 percent when the cumulative total investment amount reaches 4TRX -10000TRX or more.
  2. When your total accumulated investment exceeds 30000TRX -50000TRX, your daily fundamental withdrawal is 3%.
  3. When your total accumulated investment exceeds 200,000TRX, the daily basic withdrawal is 4%.
  4. The daily basic withdrawal is 5% when your total investment reaches 500,000TRX or more.
  5. When your total cumulative investment reaches 1,000,000TRX or more, the daily withdrawal limit is 8%.
  6. You can also earn money on by referring others to the platform. You receive 30trx for inviting someone to the platform.
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Here’s how it works:

Your friend A has successfully registered for TRON, and your basic account will receive 30 TRX rewards.

Friend A invites Friend B to sign up for cloud mining. Your wallet account will be rewarded with 20 TRON.

Friend B invites Friend C to sign up for cloud mining. 10Tron will be credited to your wallet account. 4.

Furthermore, Group A customers will receive a 10% rebate on all investments, Group B customers will receive a 5% rebate on all investments, and Group C customers will receive a 2% rebate on all investments.

If everyone invests 500 trillion, you will receive 91000 trillion.

  1. Customers in Group A: (20500Tron) 10% equals 1000Tron
  2. Customers in Group B: (400500Tron)5% =10000Tron
  3. Customers in Group C: (8000500Tron) x 2% = 80000Tron
  4. 1000Tron+10000Tron+80000Tron=91000Tron

How to Get a Referral

Inviting referrals on this platform is a good way to earn money. All you have to do is invite your friends, family, and others. You can also promote your referral link on social media and forums.

How to Register on

To sign up, visit their website and navigate to the sign-up page. Then fill out the form with your mobile number, password, and an invite code if you did not sign up using my link above. This is my invite code (74157729), but if you use the link above, you won’t need it. then complete the ReCaptcha and press enter You’re finished!!

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How do I sign in?

To access your dashboard, click here or visit the site and enter the login page, then enter your mobile number and login password, then click enter.

Who is the founder and CEO of

The owner was not revealed to the public for some reason. Well, I’m sure all you want is to profit from this without knowing or having anything to do with the owner.

Is there a mobile app for

Yes, has a mobile app, but it is currently unavailable due to technical issues. I will keep you updated if their app becomes available again.

How to Make a Withdrawal on

To withdraw, you must have a wallet that accepts Tron, such as trust wallet or Binance wallet. Before you can withdraw, you must first invest some tron.

How to Make a Deposit or Make an Investment on

To deposit or invest, go to your dashboard, click on the deposit box, select either basic account or promotion, and copy the wallet address. Next, go to the wallet deposit form and send any amount you want to deposit to the wallet address.

It is important to note that it may take up to 5 minutes for the wallet to reflect. Also, keep in mind that the minimum deposit is 5 TRX.

What is the difference between a basic account and a promotion account?

A basic account contains your deposit or investment as well as your registration bonus. While the profit earned from inviting friends and referrals is credited to the promotion account.

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Account wallet policies:

To activate the wallet, the basic wallet must be successfully invested. The daily income is consistent.

Each lower-level user who promotes the wallet will receive investment rebates on each investment.

There are no withdrawal restrictions, and you may withdraw in full! Select a wallet to withdraw once every 24 hours.

Is a legitimate website or a scam? is legitimate. Many people withdraw their profits on a daily basis, but this platform is a Ponzi scheme that can close your account or run away with your money, so please be cautious or avoid it in my opinion.

Also, the withdrawal rate is determined by the amount invested; the more you invest, the more you can withdraw; it may take you a month or less to recover your investment, so be cautious.

Always be cautious and remember that cryptocurrency is a very risky investment option, so only invest what you can afford to lose.

However, if you believe is a scam, please explain in the comments section, and if you have any questions, please ask in the comments.

There are advantages and disadvantages.


  • Excellent welcome bonus.
  • Withdrawals are quick and simple.


  • You must first invest before you can withdraw.
  • The amount you invest determines your withdrawal.
  • There is no Android app and no iOS app.

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