News Media Interviews – 7 Tips on How to Prepare For Mainstream News and Feature Media Interviews

Numerous business professionals are presently focused on social media, new media, and online media. Traditional media outlets remain important and can play a significant role in the success of your business, despite the significance and necessity of these marketing efforts.

Therefore, the question is, “Will you be prepared if Oprah or Donny Duetsch from The Big Idea call?”

If you prepare now, you will be prepared. Here are seven tips for conducting effective media interviews:

Define your objectives:

Determine what you want your audience to do. Utilize your services? Attend your function? Support your cause?
To effectively assert your agenda, you must confidently, calmly, and concisely deliver your message. You are the subject matter expert. Focus on your agenda throughout the interview.

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Develop key talking points with supporting evidence:

Prepare three key points to be discussed during the interview. Then, support each argument with three evidence-based points, such as stories, case studies, and other examples.

Do your research on the interviewer and the media outlet before agreeing to an interview.

Investigate the interviewing outlet and interviewer

A quick Google search will inform you of what to anticipate and how to best prepare for the interview.

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Prepare the interviewer:

Reporters are extremely busy, so anything you can do to assist them would be greatly appreciated. In order to accomplish this, provide background information and sample questions on your topic. Frequently, they will ask precisely these questions.

Anticipate questions and controversy:

Your preparation is insufficient if you do not anticipate questions and controversies that may arise during the interview. Create a list of all foreseeable questions. Answer each question then. Remember, “if you dread it, you’re likely to get it.”

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Practice, practice, and more practice:

Nothing beats practice. It reduces pre- and post-interview anxiety. To hone message points and prepare for actual interview questions, even the most polished spokespersons discover that there is no substitute for practicing out loud. Role play with a friend or coach is even more beneficial. Are your responses perceivable? Are they short? Are they convincing, or do they require additional evidence?

You will master mainstream media opportunities if you adhere to the advice provided. Who wouldn’t wish to be interviewed on the Today Show?

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