How PR Can Tackle Fake News

Fake news has always existed, but the digital age has magnified its impact to an extreme degree. All of these fraudulent activities, from fake news websites to unqualified sources of fake stories, pose a grave threat to the Public Relations (PR) industry.

If it is essential for PR firms to ethically persuade their target audience to support their clients, then protecting the public’s trust and media outlets from being eroded by fake news must also be a top priority. PR professionals must realize that their profession will only endure if quality journalism thrives. For this reason, public relations professionals must be more critical regarding this issue and hold them more accountable for addressing the issue of fake news with unprecedented seriousness and commitment.

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And here are the various ways you can accomplish this:

Carry forward the real news

PR professionals and experts should realize that there is much more to their jobs than securing a blockbuster hit. Every PR agency’s top priority must be to disseminate genuine news, which provides journalists and readers with genuine value. PR professionals must assume a greater degree of responsibility for the spokespeople and stories they are pitching. The greater the story’s veracity, the greater the likelihood of securing widespread media coverage, and the safer and healthier the media industry’s relationships become.

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Use the real and authentic sources:

It’s true that a mention in the hit story will garner great exposure for the brand, but it’s unethical to use the newsjacking tool to present unqualified spokespeople. Understand that it is the specific industry’s extensive expertise and knowledge that can expand the public’s knowledge base. This is the only way to maximize media opportunities and create a win-win situation for both public relations and journalism.

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Use contacts to do good only

Everyone who works in the PR industry is aware that false information has a greater ability to spread quickly. They are easily disseminated, but when their falsity is revealed, it damages the industry’s reputation and image as a whole. As a PR professional who works diligently in the industry, it is necessary to dismantle it as soon as possible. PR professionals should not wait for others to bring about change; rather, they should discourage fake news among their media contacts and assist in ensuring that journalism is devoid of unnecessary clutter and garbage.

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