Lark Dimucci: Meet Dion DiMucci’s Daughter

Lark DiMucci is the daughter of Dion DiMucci. Lark’s father, Dion, is an American singer-songwriter whose music combines elements of doo-wop, rock, R&B, and blues. He was a popular pre-British Invasion American rock and roll performer, first as the lead singer of Dion and the Belmonts, then as a solo artist.

Profile Summary

Full Name Lark DiMucci
Famous as Daughter of Dion DiMucci
Age 51 years old
Date of Birth 18th November 1969
Place of Birth United States of America
Nationality American
Parents Father- Dion DiMucci Mother – Susan Butterfield
Siblings August Dimucci and Tane Dimucci

Lark was born in 1969. Lark DiMucci is 51 years old. She was born in the United States of America on November 18th, but her birthplace has not been revealed. Lark’s parents, Susan and Dion, met when she moved to the Bronx from Vermont. They started hanging out when Dion was 15 and Susan was 13. Tane, Lark, and August, the couple’s three lovely daughters, were born in 1963. Susan and Dion Dimucci are about two years apart in age. Susan, Lark’s mother, is 79 years old, and Dion, her father, is 82.

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Facts about Lark DiMucci’s father Dion

Joanie and Donna were his two sisters. Lark DiMucci’s grandfather was a skilled puppeteer who spent his summers performing in the Borscht Belt, a stretch of bars, theaters, and hotel showrooms from Boston to Philadelphia. Lark’s grandmother worked in the garment industry as a piece worker.

Dion and the Belmonts, New York City’s most successful white doo-wop group, were possibly the sexiest of the late-fifties white teen idols. “The Wanderer” exemplified Lurk’s father’s engagingly cool, streetwise swagger.

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Lark DiMucci’s father, Dion DiMucci, began singing when he was five years old. Uncle Lou would later buy him a guitar and teach him a few chords. His father introduced him to Paul Whitman, a 1920s bandleader best known by the 1950s for spotting and developing new talent. At the age of twelve, Dion began appearing with Whitman on East Coast radio and television shows, including Whitman’s own Teen Club.

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Dion DiMucci, Lark DiMucci’s father, arranged studio time for four rock and roll songs as a Valentine’s Day present for his mother in early 1957. The audition tape was sent to the producers of the Philadelphia-based television show Teen Club, where he made his acting debut in 1954.

Dion’s fame grew to the point where Mohawk Records owner Irv Spice became aware of her. Dion recorded “The Chosen Few” and “Out Of Colorado” with unknown studio musicians and a backup vocalist. After a few local sales, Jubilee, a major New York record label, decided to distribute it. However, it was unable to draw a crowd.

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