Gerry Deford: Who is he?

Gerry Deford is the spouse of Shelley Winters, an American actress. Shelley Winters is an actress whose cinematic career lasted seven decades, playing in several films and collecting numerous awards for her outstanding performance in the entertainment industry.

Gerry Deford:Bio Summary

Name Gerry Deford
Age N/A
Gender Male
Famous as Shelley Winters’ husband
Spouse Shelley Winters
Children N/A

The Love Story of Gerry Deford and Shelley Winters

Gerry Deford and Shelley Winters had been friends for a long time. They had spent a long time together before agreeing to spend the rest of their lives as husband and wife. Gerry’s wife Shelley Winters was on her deathbed when the couple chose to marry after living together for 19 years.

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Gerry DeFord was gay, and his connection with Shelley Winters was strictly platonic because Shelley saw him as her soulmate. Gerry Deford and Shelley Winters married hours before Shelley Winters died. Shelley Winters died on January 14, 2006, and they married on January 13, 2006. They had only been married for a day when Shelley Winters died.

Vittoria Gassman, Shelley Winters’ daughter, objected to the marriage. On Shelley Winters’ deathbed, the wedding ceremony was officiated by Shelley Winters’ beloved friend, actress Sally Kirkland. Kirkland, a minister of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, also performed non-denominational funeral services for Shelley Winters.

Gerry DeFord was previously married?

We have no information on Gerry DeFord’s prior marriages or relationships, however his wife, Shelley Winters, had previously been married to Captain Mack Paul Mayer, Vittorio Gassman, and Anthony Franciosa. Shelley Winters’ fourth and final spouse was DeFord.

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Shelley Winters married Captain Mack Paul Mayer in Brooklyn on December 29, 1943. Captain Mack Paul Mayer couldn’t stand Shelley’s “Hollywood lifestyle.” He desired a woman who was a “traditional homemaker.” In October 1948, the couple divorced.

Shelley Winters married her second husband, Vittorio Gassman, on April 28, 1952, in Juárez, Mexico. On February 14, 1953, Vittoria was born. Vittoria went on to become an internist at Norwalk Hospital in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Anthony Franciosa was Shelley Winters’ third spouse. Shelley Winters married Anthony Franciosa on May 4, 1957, but divorced on November 18, 1960.

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What Caused Shelley Winters’ Death?

Shelley Winters, DeFord’s wife, died of heart failure. Her death occurred when she was 85 years old. She died on January 14, 2006, at the Beverly Hills Rehabilitation Center. She had a heart attack on October 14, 2005. She was laid to rest at Culver City’s Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery. Anthony Franciosa, her third husband, died five days after she died from a stroke.

Gerry DeFord’s Private Life

Gerry DeFord rose to prominence as a result of his marriage to Shelley Winters. He chooses to keep some personal information to himself. On the internet, there are limited details regarding Gerry DeFord. Nonetheless, we will do our best to learn more about him and update his page.

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