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Choi Min-soo ( Born on March  27, 1962) 《60 years》 is a South Korean, he is known for his excellent acting skills and Character portrayed in movies and TV shows,  he is also regarded as one of the most renowned actor in South Korea. He is popularly known for his role in The Submarine( 1999), The Royal Gambler (2016) and the North korean partisan in South Korea in South korea (1990)

■ Early life

Born on March 27,1962  in Paju , Gyeonggi,  South Korea to Choi Moo Ryong( Father) who was a popular actor in  the 60s and 70s and Kang Hyo Shil ( Mother) who was also an actress. Choi Min- soo has  five siblings,  His three sister 《 Hyun Sook, Ye Sook, Young sook 》 from his father wife , Kim je mee and another half brother《 Jung Woo》 and half sister 《 Jin kyeong 》from his father other wife .

Cho Min-soo attended Lila Elementary School , Seondgong middle school,Dongbuk High school and Seoul Arts University where he studied at the department of Broadcasting .

It should be of no wonder that the actor was talented,  apart from his father and his mother who are both actors and actresses, his maternal grandmother, Jeon ok is also an actress,  was referred to as the Queen of tears for her excellence at acting for tragic dramas and his grandfather  Kang Hong Sik who is also an actor, film director, and singer who is active during the Japanese.

Kang Hong Sik, his grandfather, and Jeon ko his grandmother were the first married couple in the Korean Entertainment industry tory. Kang Hong sik went with his daughter Kang Hyo son who later become became a famous actress in North Korea, Kang Hong sik was honored as a merited artist as well, it is no doubt acting flows in the bloodline of the family

Choi min-soo in 2000

■ Choi Min-Soo Career

Choi min-soo made his first acting debut on the big screen in 1985 when he appeared in the Movie ” Nun “, years later he also debuted in Long Journey in  1987.  In 1990  he featured in North Korean Partisan《 Nambugun》, the movie which was centered on south Korean production exploring a North Korean perspective of the long, grueling account of the Korean war based on the memory of Lee Tae, a Former News agency correspondent who fought for North Korean Partisan, the movie was a hit and became the stepping stone for Choi min soo acting career, the movie was awarded four awards and Choi min soo was awarded the best supporting actor in 1990 for his role in the movie

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In 1995 he appeared in Sandglass, a Korean series, Terrorist and Ajji appa that same year. In 1998 he debuted in white night 3.98 where he acted as Kwon Tae- hyeong. In 1999 Choi min soo debuted in Phantom: The submarine where he acted as Captain of a crew with no existence who operated Korea’s first Nuclear submarine  that embarked on a mission doing or die mission into the deep waters of the Pacific, the movie was a success that boosts his acting career, earning four Awards and Choi min-soo won the Grand bell award for Best Acto

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In 2001, he appeared in my wife is a gangster and in 2002 he debuted yesterday where he acted as Goliath, and in Sword in the moon where he debuted as Choi, Ji-hwan. In 2015 he appeared in the Myth, a movie he which he debuted with Jackie chan acting as General Choi.

In 2006, he debuted in my wife is a Gangster 3, the movie which has been running since its first part my wife gangster released in 2001,  followed by the Second part, My wife is a gangster in 2003. In 2007 he debuted in the Korean TV series, The legend where he acted as Daejanro, from 2007- 2010 he took a voluntary break from his Acting career due to Controversial. 

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In 2010 he made his return back to his acting career when he debuted in Road No.1, a Korean TV series, it was followed closely the next year when he debuted in Warrior. He made an appearance in Royal gambler in 2016 and in 2018 he also debuted in Lawless Lawyer where he acted as Ahn oh – Joe,  a ruthless gangster leader.

The Controversial

In 2008, Choi min-soo took a voluntary leave from movies following a scandal that happened.  In 2008 he was involved in an assault case that happened in April of that year after a street argument escalated in into violence. Choi min soo provoked by this Action begin cursing another Driver, an elderly man saw him and caution him. Choi min so was provoked and assaulted the man.

The actor attempted to drive away, but the elderly hold on to the hood of his car and refused to go. Sensing this situation,  the police intervened, but Choi was let go by the police cause the man refused to press charges against him, but the public reaction to his action was swift and condemning.  He later apologized for his decision and make a vow that he will spend his exile in mountains away and his children for a year.

In 2015, he got involved in another scandal, Choi punched the main production director of the KBS variety show, A Look at my myself, and he later withdrew from the TV program.

In 2019, he was sentenced to 2 years probation for revengeful driving during an incident that happen on September 17, 2018. Choi and the prosecution appealed the case.

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Choi Min-Soo Movies & Tv shows

Tv shows

▪︎ Lawless Lawyer 《2018》

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▪︎ Extracullar 《2020》

▪︎Man who die to live 《2017》

▪︎Warrior Baek Dong  soo 《2011》

▪︎Pride & Prejudice 《2014-2015》

▪︎ The Royal Gambler 《2016》

▪︎The Blade and Petal《2013》

▪︎The legend《2007》

▪︎ What is Love 《1991-1992》

▪︎ Happy Ending 《2012》

▪︎White Night 3.98《 1998》

▪︎Road No.1《2010》

▪︎ Fathers House《Since 2019》

▪︎ Love as you taste 《Since 2021》

▪︎ Faith 《2012》


▪︎Reharsal 《1995》

▪︎ The Terrorist 《1995》

▪︎ Holiday 《2006》

▪︎Sword in the moon《2003》

▪︎ My wife is a gangster 《2001》


▪︎ Seoul 《2002》

▪︎ Story of a man《1998》

▪︎Piano Man《1996》

▪︎  The Myth 《2005 》

▪︎ Come to me 《1996》

▪︎ A killing story 《1998》

▪︎ Last Dance with her 《1988》

▪︎ A good day to fall in love 《1995》

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■ Awards

● Blue Dragon Award for Popular Star Award 《1995, 1993,1992》

● Grand Bell Award For Best Actor 《2000, Phantom: The submarine,  The Terroist, 1996》

● Baekang Arts Award for popular Male in Television 《1992, What is Love 》

●Baekang Art Award for Best New  actor in Film 《1989, Last Dance with her》

● Blue Dragon Award Film Award For Best Actor 《1995, The Terroist 》

● Blue Dragon Film Award For Best supporting Actor 《1990, North Korean Partisan in South Korea 》

●Baeksang Art Award For Best leading Actor in Film 《2001, Liberia Me》

● Grand Bell Award Popularly Award 《1993》

■ Personal Life

In 1993 Choi min soo met his wife Elizabeth Kang in an international missed Korea pageant where Kang was represented as Miss Canada. Choi proposed to her and they got married on June 8, 1994, in Seoul, South Korea. The couple was blessed with two children, Christian ( born 1996) and Benjamin ( 2001).

■ Networth

The actor is currently worth over $1.9million

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