9 Side Hustles for College Students

Making extra money while in college doesn’t require any specialized knowledge or waiting to be hired. College students can start making money today with a ton of side jobs.

In contrast to working for a company that controls your schedule, side jobs are jobs you do on the side. Depending on the kind of side job, you might also have the freedom to choose your own hours and services, as well as your own rates.

College students should focus on side jobs that are simple to complete. For instance, some college students like to babysit while others prefer to work odd jobs online. Determine your strengths and what won’t put you under additional stress thaught the college stress.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re a student currently looking for a successful side business.

Smart Side Hustles For Students

1. Survey Apps
One of the most well-known, legal side jobs for college students is taking surveys. You don’t need to advertise your services or have a lot of time or special skills. Instead, you download a survey-taking app like Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, or Swagbucks, fill out your profile, and start taking surveys.

To get consumer feedback on products and brands, market research firms send out surveys. Because these opinions enable them to develop better goods and services, they pay college students to provide them.

Not much money can be made by taking surveys. However, if you register for several platforms and include a lot of information about yourself in your profile, you increase your chances of being able to pay your bills by taking surveys in your spare time.

The majority of survey websites operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to return frequently to take advantage of the surveys with the highest payouts.

2.Sell Items Online
If you have items you don’t use or enjoy finding great deals, think about selling them on online flea markets for a profit. You can earn a few dollars by selling both new and used goods.

You can sell your goods on a variety of websites, including Poshmark, Worthy, eBay, Amazon, and Facebook Marketplace, depending on what you have to sell. To find out where your products would sell best, look around on each site to see what is being sold there.

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Keep in mind that when you sell items online, you must account for shipping expenses and take responsibility for prompt shipping.

3.Blogging and Vlogging
Consider starting a blog if you love to write about a particular subject. On the other hand, vlogging, which is the video equivalent of blogging, can be one of the best side hustles for college students if you love to talk but aren’t particularly good at writing.

Finding a niche is the key to making money blogging; think of a subject you are passionate about, and then look for a niche within it. For instance, if you enjoy fashion, look for a market that isn’t already crowded. You could discuss “fashion for college students” or “fashion for college students on a budget” in your writing.

Your blog can be made the most lucrative side gig by monetizing it as you grow your readership. By sharing affiliate links to businesses you want to promote and that make sense for your audience, for instance, you can monetize your blog. As you gain popularity, companies may approach you and pay you to write a blog post or make a video about their goods or brand.

Additionally, a lot of bloggers (and influencers) receive free merchandise from companies that want you to promote their products. So, even though you’re not putting money in your bank account, receiving free goods can be enjoyable.

College students who excel at writing can make a great living as editors. Many businesses pay college students to write or edit the text on their websites, blogs, or other materials. Your college’s students might also require assistance with essay  writing or editing.

In addition, Transcribing (Audio to text) and Translation for those who knows multiple languages .

There are several ways to find work with this lucrative side business. For instance, promote your services on campus and online on regional websites to attract local clients, or promote your services on third-party websites like or .

The ideal candidate to tutor students is a college student. You can work with students in elementary, middle, or high school. Tutor others in a subject that you are an expert in and enjoy doing so.

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You can earn a respectable living as an online or in-person tutor. Check the going rate for tutoring services in your neighborhood. You might be surprised to learn that tutoring services can earn you more than $50 per hour.

Turn taking pictures into a simple side business if it’s your minor, your major, or just a fun hobby for you. If you’re already a skilled photographer, consider online stock photo sales.

This is a great illustration of a side business you can operate both online and offline. You put in a little work up front (taking the photos), but you then earn money while you sleep by selling the stock photos online.

This is a fantastic source of passive income as well. You only need to take the photo  edit it, and upload it to one of your favorite websites, like Shutter-stock or iStock Photo. Then, anyone can purchase your image from those websites, and each time a stock photo is sold, you get paid.

  • iStock Photo
    Millions of free stock photos, illustrations, and videos are available on the website iStock Photo. Similar to Shutter stock, you can buy credits to download pictures or sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription to access the whole thing.

In order to be considered for membership in the Stock community, photographers must first join the community (which only takes a few minutes), apply to be a contributor, and submit samples of their work.

  • Shutterstock
    On the stock photography website Shutter-stock, customers can buy videos and images without paying any royalties. Additionally, Shutter-stock offers a global collection of images and videos in its editorial section. While the majority of the content on Shutter-stock is accessible for free, users who wish to download images and videos must either subscribe or buy credits.

For anyone with a talent for photography or videography, Shutterstock can be a great side business. Shutter-stock can be a great way to earn some extra cash because contributors receive royalties for each photo or video that is downloaded.

The first step in earning money with Shutter-stock is to register for a free account. You can begin uploading your photos and videos once you’ve made an account.

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7.Website and App Testing
Student testers for websites and apps are paid by businesses. For college students who love technology and prefer to set their own hours, these are good side businesses. Students who need a break in the middle of the day or night are excellent for these tasks, as are night owls or early risers.

Keep in mind that you need to be able to focus if you want to succeed at this legal side gig. You test websites and applications for errors or bugs. Companies want to hear from you honestly about your experience, so focus on the little things and pay attention to them so you can share them.

Testing new websites, apps, or updates to current programs before they are made public may pay you.

8.Virtual Assistant
If you prefer to work odd jobs online, think about becoming a virtual assistant. Make sure it fits your schedule because doing this typically requires a few free hours per day. Virtual assistants can perform a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Graphic design
  • Blog posting
  • Answer emails
  • Social media management
  • Manage appointments or calendars

Working as a virtual assistant is a fantastic way to expand your business experience and strengthen your resume so that you will be prepared to find employment after graduation.

9. Housecleaning
Create a cleaning business if you enjoy doing it. Word-of-mouth advertising and regional marketing work best for this kind of business. If you’ve already cleaned a few homes, ask your satisfied customers to tell their friends about you or to post a review on your social media profile so that people know you provide excellent service.

The best places for this are crowded cities where there are lots of opportunities to advertise your business, but even in tiny college towns, people need house cleaners.

In conclusion, both online and offline, students can find excellent side businesses. It depends on your skills, how much control you want, and whether you want to work remotely or leave your home or dorm.

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