6 Lucrative Skills Nigerians Should Learn Before Relocating Abroad.

For Nigerians traveling abroad, learning a lucrative and profitable handwork or digital skill in high demand abroad is essential.

As you are aware, things are not all that peachy for Nigerians living abroad. To survive, you’d have to work hard and smart.

If you want to travel to Canada, the United States, or Europe, you must learn in-demand skills abroad.

Certificates are not as important in developed countries as they are in Nigeria. Your employ ability is determined by your level of knowledge.

There is no such thing as “I got the job because of my uncle” or other types of unethical behavior.

Nigerians who want to make money in foreign countries must learn digital or handwork. These skill sets will give you a leg up when you go abroad.

This article discusses how to learn handwork and digital skills before leaving Nigeria.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or need clarification in the comments section. I would appreciate hearing from you.

Handwork to Learn Before Leaving Nigeria.

Handwork is defined as skills that require the use of one’s hands and tools.

Learning handwork can take anywhere from three (3) months to a year. It is dependent on the type of handwork you are learning and your learning pace.

Here are list of handwork to learn before leaving Nigeria.


Tailoring is the most profitable and in-demand handwork in the world.

Learning how to sew dresses can earn you a lot of money in any country around the world.

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Nigerian tailors are in high demand internationally. There are only a few professional Nigerian tailors working in other countries.

Most Nigerians who live in other countries sew their dresses in Nigeria before traveling abroad. They would love to hire a Nigerian living in their community abroad.

It is not easy to open a tailoring shop in another country. It is not possible to open a fashion store in Nigeria.

Before you can sew a dress in another country, you must first obtain the necessary certification. It implies that you must be a skilled sewer.

In addition, some whites enjoy wearing Nigerian clothing. You can earn money by making them dresses.

In Nigeria, learning to sew a dress can take anywhere from six (6) to twelve (12) months or even more than.

According to gender and age, there are three (3) types of tailoring.

  • Children Tailor
  • Women Tailor
  • Men Tailor
    It is more profitable to sew men’s clothing. However, make your decision based on your interests.

Register with a fashion store near you. Ensure that the shop sews dresses in a professional manner.

2.Braid Making and Hair Weaving.
Learning how to make braids and weave hair is one of the most profitable skills for Nigerians planning to travel abroad.

Simple African braids make hair stylists a lot of money. There are only a few certified hairdressers in the world. Nigerians and Africans living abroad pay exorbitant fees to have their hair fixed.

You can earn more than $200 per day as a hairdresser by fixing braids in your own home.

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Opening a hair salon in another country is costly. However, you can begin by using your sitting room. Even though it is illegal, you can do it in your home.

You will be able to open a beauty salon as your income grows.

Another advantage of learning hairdressing is that you will not have to spend money on your child’s hair.

Learning to be a professional hairstylist in Nigeria can take anywhere from six (6) months to a year.

Make sure you sign up to learn at the best beauty salon in your area.

It would be beneficial to learn nail care, manicure, and pedicure.


Learning to barb hair is a valuable skill for anyone planning to travel outside of Nigeria.

A nice haircut is the ideal makeup for men or women who want to go for a low cut.

A haircut, as they say, boosts a man’s attractiveness and confidence. Every man in all walks of life requires a professional barber’s haircut.

In the US, the average haircut for men costs $28.

It is simple to make a living as a professional barber abroad.

In Nigeria, learning how to cut hair can take up to six (6) months. Make an effort to broaden your knowledge by learning new styles.

4.Heavy Machine Operator

Learning how to operate heavy machinery is the best advice for anyone going abroad to work manual labor.

Heavy machine vehicles are used by manufacturing companies, shipping yards, businesses, large industries, and so on.

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Heavy-duty vehicles lift and transport large objects from one location to another.

The following are some examples of heavy machine vehicles that you can learn to operate:

  • Crane
  • Excavators
  • Swamp Bugg
  • Forklift
  • Reach Truck

In Nigeria, you can learn how to operate heavy-duty machines and vehicles in six (6) months.

5.Furniture Making
Making furniture is a lucrative skill for Nigerians looking to leave the country.

A beautiful and comfortable piece of furniture is the new way for people to unwind in their living room.

Every day, new designs of ergonomic types of furniture emerge. As a result, everyone is attempting to keep up with the trends.

If you are skilled in furniture making and design, you will be able to earn money abroad. There are numerous job opportunities available from furniture companies in other countries.’

In the United Kingdom, furniture designers earn more than £37,600 per year.


Plumbing is a valuable skill to learn if you plan to leave Nigeria.

Plumbers in the United Kingdom earn an average of £13.9 per hour.

Plumbers’ services are required all over the world. As a result, you will always have job opportunities.

A professional plumber is required to install the plumbing components in every new home.

Plumbers are also in charge of routine plumbing maintenance and repair.

In Nigeria, learning to plumb takes three (3) to six (6) months.


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