Who Is The Richest Between Wizkid And Liya DMW

In the world of music, wealth and fame often go hand in hand. The allure of the music industry can bring significant financial rewards to those who manage to rise to the top. Two artists who have made their mark in the Nigerian music scene are Wizkid and Liya DMW. Both have garnered attention for their talents and contributions to the music industry, but when it comes to their net worth, there is a notable difference.

In this blog post, we will explore the net worth of these two artists and determine who holds the title of being the richer of the two.

Wizkid: A Global Superstar

Wizkid, whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s most prominent musical exports. He gained international recognition with his hit singles like “Ojuelegba” and “Come Closer.” Wizkid’s music has not only earned him fame but also significant wealth. As of the most recent data available, his net worth stands at an impressive $26 million.

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Liya DMW: The Rising Star

Liya, on the other hand, is a talented artist affiliated with Davido’s DMW (Davido Music Worldwide) record label. She is a relatively new face in the industry, but her potential has already captured the attention of music enthusiasts. While she is on the path to becoming a star, her net worth currently sits at $10,000, according to available information.

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Breaking Down the Figures:

Now, let’s break down the numbers to understand the financial status of both artists more clearly:


  • Net Worth: $26 million

Liya DMW:

  • Net Worth: $10,000

The Verdict:

When comparing the net worth of Wizkid and Liya DMW, it’s evident that Wizkid holds a substantial lead in terms of wealth. With a net worth of $26 million, he has not only achieved great success in the music industry but also managed his finances wisely. On the other hand, Liya, with a net worth of $10,000, is still in the early stages of her career and has room to grow both artistically and financially.

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Who Is The Richer Between Wizkid And Liya DMW

In the battle of net worth between Wizkid and Liya DMW, Wizkid emerges as the richer of the two by a significant margin. However, it’s essential to remember that success in the music industry is not solely measured by wealth. Both artists have their unique talents and contributions to Nigerian music, and Liya’s career is still in its infancy. Time will tell if she can achieve the same level of success and financial prosperity as Wizkid. In the end, music fans can enjoy the music and artistry of both artists, regardless of their net worth.

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