Who Is The Richest Between Davido And Zoro

In the realm of Nigerian music, two prominent names that have made waves in the industry are Davido and Zoro. These artists have garnered substantial followings and have contributed significantly to the Afrobeat music scene. One of the questions that often comes up in discussions about these artists is, “Who is the richer of the two?”

Let’s delve into their net worth figures to get a clearer picture.

Davido: A Music Mogul

Davido, born David Adedeji Adeleke, is a household name in the Nigerian music industry. He hails from a wealthy family but has certainly made a name for himself with his musical prowess. His net worth is estimated to be a staggering $27.6 million.

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Davido’s wealth is not only attributed to his music but also his entrepreneurial ventures. He has a successful record label, DMW (Davido Music Worldwide), which has produced some of Nigeria’s top talents. Additionally, he has investments in various businesses and endorsements with major brands.

Zoro: The Indigenous Rapper

Zoro, whose real name is Owoh Chimaobi Chrismathner, is known for his unique style of blending Igbo indigenous rap with contemporary beats. While he may not have amassed wealth on the scale of Davido, he has certainly made a mark in the industry. His estimated net worth is around $700,000.

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Zoro’s income primarily comes from his music, live performances, and endorsements. He has gained a loyal fan base due to his distinctive sound and lyrical prowess, making him a sought-after artist in the Nigerian music scene.

The Richer of the Two

In terms of net worth, it’s evident that Davido is the wealthier of the two artists. With a net worth of $27.6 million, he surpasses Zoro’s $700,000 by a significant margin. This substantial difference is largely due to Davido’s diverse investments and business ventures outside of music.

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However, it’s crucial to remember that wealth isn’t the only measure of an artist’s success or impact in the music industry. Both Davido and Zoro have contributed immensely to Nigerian music and have their own unique styles that resonate with different audiences.

Who Is The Richer Between Davido And Zoro

while Davido is wealthier in monetary terms, both artists have made significant contributions to the Nigerian music scene and have earned their respective places in the industry.

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