Who is an Agbomma? Agbomma vs Feminist EXPLAINED!

A Feminist is not an Agbọmma. Though some Agbọmma may claim to be Feminist too.

Agbọmma is a beautiful woman who has high standards with a low standard of income. Her beauty is her only security, she is arrogantly entitled to a man’s money and favours. A comfort for a man’s urges and a discomfort to his pockets.

Agbọmma is only loyal to her desires and high expectations. Though her gen!taIs are her greatest asset, she attaches no sentiments to whoever can afford them. She is impartial to old and young or fat and slim when granting access to her gen!taIs, but she is ruthless to poor men.

Agbọmma is ordinarily more feminine and hence cannot be a true Feminist, but she submits to a man’s money and not to the man. She has the best dress sense and taste for expensive things, but she can only afford them by opening her legs, anvs, and mouth. With her pretty face and curves she is a feast for the eyes and a torment for the soul.

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A Feminist is often decent in a sexuaI sense. She is opinionated and combative with masculine vibes.

Because of her combative personality, a Feminist would rather buy her things by opening her wallet and closing her legs. She is haughty and impatient. Unwilling to understand her man, she demands to be understood or nothing.

A Feminist is unlikely to submit to a man’s money but she may convince herself to compromise. She is eager to do whatever her man does, the relationship is a battlefield for her and she sees herself as a General facing another General (her man).

No man who committed to a Feminist knows peace. Feminists’ lack of patience makes her eager to walk away from relationships and marriages. She is serially single, while Agbọmma is serially in relationships with different partners.

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To a Feminist, every mistake and quarrel in her relationship is another opportunity to fight for women’s emancipation.

Agbọmma is more likely to come from a poor background or have low academic qualifications, a Feminist is more likely to be highly educated or high paying job or business.

Agbọmma is often into low-skill jobs such as makeup, acting, modeling, Tik Tok, media personality or Badoo Profile. A Feminist is usually from professional fields and high skilled jobs. Agbọmma often has no talent or focus, Feminist usually have highly developed talent or focus.

Feminists are more likely to divorce, ironically Agbọmma would stay as long as the money keeps coming. A Feminist would turn your children against you but Agbọmma would give you another man’s children.

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Because Feminists like competition they often invest more than sxx and emotions in a relationship, and they are more likely to make your life miserable and shameful if you ever leave her. Agbọmma has nothing to lose except your money and favours so she may just leave but remain bitter until your replacement comes.

Unfortunately, we have more Agbọmma and lesser Feminists on Nigerian social media. In contrast, many Agbọmma believes they are Feminists while many men miss-classify Feminists as Agbọmma.

Interestingly, many Agbọmma would be eager to let their brothers and sons marry a Feminist, but no Feminist wants her family and friends to have a relationship with an Agbọmma.


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