The Power of the Side Hustle: How Are Nigerian Students Are Making It Work?

The low standard of side income is the reason why most Africans are below the property level. The average Nigerian earns between $100,000 and $300,000 per month, but only about 30% have reached the pinnacle of wealth.

Every day, we see evidence of a poor economic situation.

Today, I’ll teach you about basic side hustles that can help you move from poverty to abundance.

Invest in Positive Social Influence

Being positive is one thing; being influential is another; and being social and viral is yet another. Positivity, influence, and fame are three components that must be combined if you want to achieve great success in life.

Social media is a gold mine; you can begin with simple positive impacting content, progress with a fan page, and thrive with consistency on the journey. Make an effort to be creative, share your work with fans, and, if necessary, host live streams to engage your followers.

What do you think?

Some of your fans may have resources that you require to advance some of your projects.

Invest in Social Networking Sites

Investing in social networks could be profitable and fruitful. Managing a blog, page, e-commerce site, or review website could be a lucrative career path.

Showcase your Charity Integrity

Giving to charity does not necessitate the accumulation of sufficient wealth. Participating willfully in charity can establish your core of integrity to society, creating a bond of impacts in people’s lives and attracting affection and attraction from others.

Survive the Storm

Finally, during storm seasons, stay focused, refuse to be distracted, and persevere. Always leave room for possibility between your goals and your destination. Avoid complications and maintain your discipline.

While Nigeria’s economy is expected to grow in the coming year, it is important to remember that many Nigerians are not prepared to succeed in such a climate.

For example, 70% of Nigerian graduates lack the necessary skills to find work, and the youth unemployment rate has risen from 12% in 2016 to 15% in 2017.

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Fortunately, some students are finding workarounds through side hustles – and teaching others how to do the same!

A Brief History of Side Jobs

Many people see entrepreneurship as a quick way to get rich. Starting a side hustle, on the other hand, is the polar opposite of that.

Robert Allen coined the term “multiple streams of income” in his 1999 book Multiple Streams of Income. He discusses creating multiple streams of income for yourself rather than relying on a single paycheck or another type of recurring income.

His reasoning was that having more than one source of cash flow would diversify your risk and hedge against uncertain economic times.

Although some may argue that we live in a time when you don’t need more than one source of income, I believe it’s still important to have a secondary source of income (at the very least) because you never know when things will go wrong.

When you have two streams of income, you can always reduce your primary source if necessary.

For example, suppose you work full-time as an engineer but decide to start an online business after work hours – if things don’t work out with your new business, you still have your engineering job and won’t go hungry.

A Few Examples of Common Side Jobs

You won’t be able to make a living from one side job, but you might be able to cover that last-minute expense or pay off your debt faster.

So, where do you begin? There are three main types of side jobs, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

There are also some significant differences between them in terms of ease of use and profit potential, so it’s important to determine which type works best for you before diving in.

Here are some examples of common side jobs, along with links to more information on each.

1] Independent Writing/Editing

For good reason, freelance writing is one of the most popular types of online work. If you have expertise in any niche (especially one that pays well), there’s a good chance someone will pay you to write articles like 10 Tips For Saving Money While Traveling Abroad or 3 Reasons Why I Love To Ski In The Winter. The disadvantage is that competition can be fierce, especially if you’re just getting started.

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2] Things to Think About Before Accepting a Job

Choosing whether or not to pursue a side hustle is about more than just money. You must consider how it will affect your current responsibilities, social life, and other obligations.

Talk it over with family members, friends, and other trusted people in your life—if their opinions are divided or if they’re all against it, reconsider taking on a side hustle.

Don’t assume that taking on another project will be acceptable to everyone. And never accept a gig unless you know exactly what you’ll be doing and when you’ll be paid. Having clear expectations from the start can help prevent misunderstandings later on.

3] Important Information About Earning Money on the Internet

The term “side hustle” has come to refer to any work you do to earn money on your own time, outside of your regular job. This can range from babysitting and tutoring to pet sitting and launching a small business on Etsy.

Earning extra money through side hustles is a great way to gradually build wealth and generate extra income that can be used as an emergency fund or even to eventually replace your full-time job.

So, what does it take to get started making money online? And how do you begin developing a side hustle? You might be surprised by the answer. If you want to learn more about making money on your own terms, download our free eBook today!

You’ll learn tips and strategies to help you decide if working for yourself is right for you, as well as gain access to five step-by-step guides (each lasting less than 10 minutes) to help you get started right away.

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Most people can’t imagine quitting their day jobs to work for themselves. However, there are ways to make some quick money while working a part-time job, such as waiting tables at night, that will help you build some financial security before leaving your current job entirely.

Working on multiple income streams will also put you in a much better position when it comes time to make the leap into self-employment.

4] How to Get Started in a Social Media Job

Begin by using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You should create a personal brand with your name, but don’t be concerned about people searching for you (few will). Begin with a profile picture that represents you—it could be your face or your company logo.

Include a brief bio that describes what you do and how people can contact you (your website address is fine). Fill out your about me section so that other users can get a sense of who you are.

If possible, include links to articles you’ve written on LinkedIn or elsewhere online; if not, include links to articles related to your field in your Twitter bio. This allows others to see right away that you know what you’re talking about. Then, on each platform, begin following relevant companies and individuals.

4] What Should You Do If Your First Job Offer Is Insufficiently Paying?

Before accepting their offer, give it some thought. Although it may be tempting to accept a job offer right away, keep in mind that any job offer should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a done deal.

Take the time to consider all of your options before making a decision, especially when money is at stake!

Tell your potential employer why their offer isn’t quite enough yet, and ask if they’d be willing to negotiate additional compensation in order for you to accept their job offer right away rather than waiting until another company offers more money later down the road.

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