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Real Davido Phone Number 2023 – Davido WhatsApp Number

I welcome you all Fans of OBO to my blog. In this article, I will disclose the real Davido Phone Number 2023 – Davido WhatsApp Number and his other contact details. If you have been searching for Davido’s real phone number, please search no further. This article will provide you with the new Davido contact Phone number and Whatsapp number.  All you have to do for me right now is to calm down and read this content till the end.

Popular Nigerian singer, Davido, also known as OBO” took to his Instagram handle a few months ago to announce his change of phone number. Probably due to too many calls from fans or any other reason well-known to him. Well, the reason he changed his contact is not why we are here” as we have good news for all Davido fans.

The good news is that we have gotten the new Davido’s real phone number, I mean the current line he’s using now” after he announced that he will change the other one. Isn’t that amazing? It is, I’m glad a lot of people will find exactly what they’re looking for here.

Maybe you need financial assistance from Davido, you want him to sign you into his music industry or you just want to be very close to him. Anyone at all, it’s not really necessary for me to know all I can do for you right now is to provide you his real phone number.

How To Get Davido Phone Number

It is very easy, you can actually get Davido’s private phone number and WhatsApp number here” and you’re getting it for free. We won’t charge you anything, getting his contact details is absolutely free and the phone number is connecting as at the time we posted this article.

Though we have shared so many celebrities’ phone numbers here, we’re still sharing. If you can be able to follow the guidelines we provided here” definitely nothing will stop Davido from picking up your calls or chatting you up on WhatsApp.

We all know that Davido is among the best and kind-hearted celebrities in Nigeria, always helping his fans and signing in to those who wish to join his music. You may be the next big start in music, who knows? Just follow the guidelines on how to reach out to him.

And watch things turn around for good, he doesn’t brag like other celebrities” definitely he will pick your calls and hear you out.  Slowly and carefully read the guidelines below;

OBO – Davido Private Phone Number


  • Despite he is very wealthy, calling him on phone should be for a profitable business discussion. So, you must have that in mind before reaching out to Davido and must be a legitimate one.
  • For booking inquiries, you can actually contact Davido for booking and performance.
  • Calling him on phone to beg for money or financial assistance is highly prohibited, and he doesn’t respond to those calls. You have to take note of that.
  • To all urgent 20k members, please stay far away from Davido, he is in for business” and won’t give listening ears to anyone.
  • You must not call him for friendship, this one is strictly for females crushing on him because he has made it. As you can see, he is engaged to Chioma’ and won’t go in any relationship with you, so don’t bother yourself.
  • Don’t call him late hours, Davido is also a human being like us, he won’t pick up your calls if you call him at the mid night.
  • I repeat, if your main aim in searching for Davido’s phone number contact is to beg him for money, or any other material things” please don’t bother calling him” because he will never attend to you.
  • You must have a manner of approach, and learn to talk to him in a polite or respectful manner” so as to gain his attention easily.
  • You must be very audible during a phone conversation with Davido, to avoid ending the call on you.
  • Make sure you have enough airtime before reaching out to him, not only him’ including other celebrities.
  • That’s all. I wish you good luck

Real Davido Phone Number 2023 – David WhatsApp Number

Without saying much, I will go ahead and share his phone number with you guys. If you didn’t read all the guidelines provided above, kindly go back and read them.

Davido phone number _ 081492017®®

Davido WhatsApp number _ 0702537®97®

Instagram Handle _ @ Davido

NOTE: if you’re unable to get in touch with him, kindly drop your email address or WhatsApp number in the comment box. We will update you whenever he changes the new line.

Were you able to find this article helpful? Well, that’s all we can say about Real Davido Phone Number 2023 – David WhatsApp Number. If you want to get an update as soon as he changes the sim card, kindly drop a comment below.

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