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In the vibrant world of fashion, there exists a rising star, Dumebi Andrea Iyamah, a talented Nigerian-Canadian fashion designer hailing from Lagos, Nigeria. Born on March 18, 1993, Dumebi has already made a remarkable impact in the industry with her eponymous fashion label, Andrea Iyamah. From bridal wear to swimwear and ready-to-wear lines, her brand is a reflection of her Nigerian heritage, incorporating cultural stories into every design. This blog post will take you through her journey, from the early days of her life and education to her incredible success as a fashion icon.

Dumebi Andrea Early Life and Education:

Dumebi Andrea Iyamah was born in Lagos State, Nigeria, as the fourth child of Andrew and Onyi Iyamah, both natives of Ika (Agbor) in Delta State. In Lagos, she attended Grange School for her basic education before embarking on her tertiary education abroad. She pursued her bachelor’s degree in communication and multimedia from McMaster University. It was during her time at McMaster, at the young age of 17, that she founded her own fashion brand with the support of her family and close friends in Ontario, Canada.

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Dumebi Andrea Career and Fashion Journey:

Dumebi’s journey in the fashion industry began when she launched her brand, Andrea Iyamah, in 2011. Since then, her label has grown significantly, with headquarters in Toronto and branches in Lagos and New York. Her designs cater to confident, adventurous women worldwide, transcending borders, languages, and ethnicities. Influenced by her Nigerian background, Dumebi’s work always weaves cultural stories into her creations, often adding a modern twist with structural shapes or nature-inspired elements.

The Growth of Andrea Iyamah:

In her early blogging days, Dumebi showcased her artistic talents, sharing fashion sketches, portrait drawings, and photography with a digital audience. It was in 2011 that her design gained widespread recognition through a popular blog post, which led to the birth of “Andrea Iyamah.” As she pursued her undergraduate studies, Dumebi continued to develop her business, starting with custom couture designs for clients. Over time, she refined her brand, categorizing it into three main lines: custom bridal, ready-to-wear, and swim/resort wear.

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Recognition and Celebrity Endorsements:

Andrea Iyamah’s work has garnered immense attention from prestigious publications such as Vogue, Elle, Essence, Refinery29, HuffPost, and Cosmopolitan, among others. Her full swim collection launch in 2013 further elevated her status in the industry. Dumebi’s talent and unique designs have attracted major celebrities, including Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson, Ciara, Gabrielle Union, and Genevieve Nnaji. She has also showcased her collections at various fashion shows across Africa, Europe, France, and the United States, including her Spring/Summer 2020 collection at Lagos Fashion Week 2019.

Dumebi Andrea Personal Life and Legacy:

Dumebi Iyamah’s personal life is a testament to determination and resilience. Raised by her mother, after losing her father at the tender age of seven, she was surrounded by entrepreneurship as her parents owned their businesses. Her sister, Somkele Iyamah, an actress, plays a crucial role as the director of the Andrea Iyamah fashion label, supporting Dumebi’s creative vision.

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Dumebi Andrea Net Worth

$1 million


Dumebi Andrea Iyamah’s journey from a young girl with artistic talents to a renowned fashion designer is nothing short of inspiring. Her commitment to cultural storytelling through her designs and her ability to connect with her clients have earned her the well-deserved title of the number one African resort wear brand designer. As she continues to make waves in the fashion world, Dumebi’s brand, Andrea Iyamah, stands as a testament to high fashion art and interconnectivity. To stay updated with her latest creations and inspirations, follow her on Instagram @andreaiyamah.

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