What’s it like to be a Business Services Accountant

Business Services Accountants ensure that organisations comply with their tax requirements. These specialised accountants may also assist businesses with tax planning.

Business Services Accountants are primarily responsible for providing taxation support and compliance for a broad range of clients, including accounting firms, banks, business advisories and recruitment firms.

Tasks and duties

  • Preparing financial statements, including balance sheets, profit and losses, income tax returns and Business Activity Statements (BAS).
  • Delivering specialised and detailed tax and financial advice to clients, and answering taxation or financial queries as required.
  • Assisting with tax advice and planning for clients, which may include setting up new legal entities such as companies or partnerships.
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Business Services Accountants who have excellent communication skills, strong attention to detail and an ability to serve a varied client based are valued highly.

How to become a Business Services Accountant

To work as a Business Services Accountant, a qualification in accounting is required. Most Business Services Accountants will have a minimum of two to three years experience in public practice and have started their CPA/CA qualification.

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Complete a bachelor degree in the field of accounting. This could be a Bachelor of Accounting or a Bachelor of Commerce (Majoring in Accounting). These are usually three year courses and are open to anyone who is 17 years of age or older and has completed year 12 with the necessary Universities Admission Index.

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Gather two to three years’ professional experience in accounting, being sure to undertake professional development activities each year.

Complete a Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDip CA) or a CPA program. There are different career progression opportunities for Business Services Accountants with experience including becoming a Finance Manager or a partner in an accounting firm.


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