Bishop Kukah Biography, Age ,Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Children, Instagram, Parents, partner

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah is a prominent Nigerian bishop who has dedicated his life to promoting peace, justice, and interfaith dialogue. His influence extends beyond religious boundaries, as he actively engages in various social and political issues in Nigeria. In this blog post, we will explore his biography, family life, net worth, social media presence, and much more.

Bishop Kukah Biography:

Bishop Kukah was born on August 31, 1952, in Anchuna, Ikulu Chiefdom in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria. He hails from the Kataf tribe and follows the Christian faith. Kukah’s birth name is Matthew Hassan Kukah, and he is widely recognized by this name.

Bishop Kukah Educational Background and Schools Attended:

Bishop Kukah pursued his education at St. Fidelis Primary School, Zagom, and St. Joseph Minor Seminary, Zaria. He later attended the St. Augustine Major Seminary in Jos, where he completed his philosophical and theological studies. Kukah went on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Divinity from Urban University in Rome, Italy.

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Bishop Kukah Career and Source of Influence:

After his ordination as a Catholic priest on December 19, 1976, Kukah served in various capacities within the Catholic Church. He gained significant recognition for his outspokenness on socio-political issues affecting Nigeria. His sermons and writings often address themes such as corruption, governance, and religious tolerance.

Bishop Kukah is renowned for his active involvement in interfaith dialogue, advocating for peaceful coexistence among Nigeria’s diverse religious communities. He has served as the Secretary-General of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria and has contributed to several international organizations promoting peace and justice.

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Bishop Kukah Family Life:

Bishop Kukah maintains a private personal life. As a clergyman, he has chosen to remain unmarried, adhering to the Catholic Church’s vow of celibacy. Consequently, he does not have a wife or children.

Bishop Kukah Social Media Presence:

While Bishop Kukah is an influential figure, he does not have a public Instagram account or any other social media channels. However, his sermons, speeches, and writings are often shared on various platforms by individuals and organizations interested in his perspectives.

Bishop Kukah Net Worth:

Bishop Kukah’s net worth is not publicly disclosed. As a clergyman, his primary focus is on his religious and social responsibilities, and his wealth is attributed to his support from the Catholic Church and donations towards his various causes.

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Bishop Kukah Residential House Address and Contact Information:

For privacy and security reasons, Bishop Kukah’s residential house address, phone number, and WhatsApp number are not publicly available. It is advisable to contact the Catholic Church or relevant organizations if you need to reach out to him.


Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah is a distinguished Nigerian bishop who has devoted his life to advocating for peace, justice, and interfaith dialogue. His courageous stance on socio-political issues has earned him respect and recognition both nationally and internationally. Despite not having a public social media presence, his sermons and writings continue to inspire and guide individuals from all walks of life. Bishop Kukah’s dedication to improving the lives of Nigerians is truly commendable, and his work serves as an inspiration to many.

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