Alex Asogwa (Unusual) Biography, Age ,Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Children, Instagram, Parents, partner

In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating life and career of Alexandra Amuchechukwu Asogwa, better known as Alex Unusual. She is a prominent Nigerian actress, reality TV star, model, and compere, widely recognized for her appearance in Big Brother Naija season 3. Let’s dive into her early life, education, career achievements, and personal experiences that have shaped her into the inspiring woman she is today.

Alex Unusual Early Life and Education:

Alex Unusual was born on February 15, 1996, in Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria. She comes from a loving family of four, with one brother and two sisters. Growing up, she was an active participant in track and field during her time at Federal Government College, Enugu. Despite achieving good grades, her parents were concerned about her commitment to academics, leading to a school transfer that affected her emotionally.

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Her passion for the arts was sparked during this challenging period, and she decided to pursue her dreams by dropping out of her Agricultural Science degree at the university. Instead, she enrolled in a theater arts program, determined to explore her love for acting and the entertainment industry.

Alex Unusual Career Highlights:

In 2016, Alex won the Miss Eastern Nigeria beauty pageant, marking the beginning of her journey to stardom. She later hosted Marvel Studio’s red carpet movie premiere of Avengers Endgame in Nigeria, showcasing her talent as an event anchor. Alex Unusual’s acting career took off when she made her debut in the 2019 Nigerian crime action comedy film, Merry Men 2. Her diverse talents led her to produce and direct the short film titled “Nucleus,” where she also starred alongside Ngozi Nwosu. Moreover, she appeared in other notable films like “Power Of 1” and “Fate of Alakada.”

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Alex Unusual Big Brother Naija:

Alex Unusual gained widespread recognition when she participated in the third season of Big Brother Naija. She impressed the audience with her vibrant personality and exceptional dancing skills, earning her the title of “life of the party” during the show. Despite facing some conflicts with fellow housemates, she finished as the third runner-up. Her experience on the reality show taught her the importance of personal growth and understanding others better.

Alex Unusual Endorsements and Net Worth:

Alex Unusual’s star power has attracted endorsement deals with esteemed brands like Nestle and Campari, among others. Her hard work and success have contributed to her estimated net worth of $500,000, reflecting her position as a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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Alex Unusual Personal Life:

In her personal life, Alex Unusual faced challenges but remained resilient. She called off her engagement with her former fiancé due to his physically abusive behavior, demonstrating her commitment to self-love and well-being. She also expressed her preference for a tall partner and mentioned the possibility of artificial insemination if she doesn’t find the right match.


Alex Unusual’s journey from a small town in Nigeria to becoming a prominent actress, model, and compere is truly inspiring. Her determination to pursue her passion for the arts, coupled with her vibrant personality, has won the hearts of many. Despite facing challenges, she continues to rise and make a significant impact on the entertainment industry. Alex Unusual serves as an inspiration for aspiring individuals, reminding us all of the power of perseverance and self-belief.

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